Monday, February 12, 2018

Still here

Yes, I am still here!

Still not a Mormon, though I have now found a church that I do like!

This is after years of being put off joining any church by my experiences with Mormonism.

Finding myself being involved with and associated with a church did come as something of a surprise to me, but I think perhaps I was ready for this next stage in my life, this next step.

I am now enjoying Bible studies -assisted by my wife. I never thought I'd be back into studying the Bible, but it's different than with Mormonism. Joseph Smith isn't always trying to shoehorn himself in there, with spurious references to him and his "scriptures" throughout!

Incidentally, you can find out more about the church I am associated with at

I chose that picture from the website with over 1.3 million great images that you can use free, even for commercial purposes. (I'm not associated with Pixabay, I'm merely a very satisfied user.)

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Hello, folks!

Been a long, long time since I posted anything on this blog.

Sorry 'bout that. But real life and other things seem to keep intruding!

I hope you are all doing well, Mormons or non-Mormons and ex-Mormons.

Life is far too short for animosity amongst people who should be friends.

After all, we were all made by the same God.

So, take care and I'll see you next time.

But let's hope the gap is a little bit shorter, OK?

Sunday, January 26, 2014

A comment from a delightful young lady

Suzanne, a 12-year-old Mormon, left a comment on my blog.

She wrote: "I am a 12 year old Mormon. I love it. Do you know someone who is a Mormon? It is very true that it is the person not the religion. Some are bad some are good. I have a lot of non-Mormon friends. They are awesome. They know I am a Mormon and still are my friends. Joseph Smith never drank alcohol. He asked some people to stop spitting tobacco all over the temple, though. Where did you find your info? By the way, Mormons are Christians because we believe in Christ. it's as simple as that. I know he died on the cross so we can repent of our sins. which I have made a lot of mistakes. Our church is not the one that is bad. It is the people making mistakes. We all do. we are human. god does not make mistakes, and he made the church. My bishop is a very humble man. He does a ton of service. One time, all the youth got together and gathered food for the food bank. I was one of them. It was raining hard, but we all had fun and laughed really hard. I know you probably think I am bluffing. It's not right to clog drains. (What were they thinking?:) But we really did do it. How do you know Joseph Smith is a lunatic? How do you know it's not true? Thanks, but think about it."

Thank you, Suzanne. I was a Mormon for many years. I am now a former Mormon.

Joseph Smith was a drinker of some alcoholic drink. Wine, for example.

How do I know Mormonism is not true? I prayed about it.

Suzzane, thank you for your well-thought out comment.

God bless you.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Not posted in a while

Sorry that I haven't posted in a while. But I have been involved in other projects and have taken my eye off the ball, as it were, regarding my Notamormon blog.

Mormons are making capital out of the Book of Mormon, the Musical. Yay for the asshats from South Park. Well done. Not!

I haven't seen the show. Thanks guys. But I was in the living satire that is real Mormonism for long enough to not need to see your satire.

However, some people have said that the treatment of Ugandan Africans is racist. Well, it probably is. But the South Park idea is to satire something that really should not be satirised, so that the South Park dudes sit back, count the money coming in whilst laughing at the reaction of the audience to feeling guilty about laughing at it in the first place.

I think I'd have liked to have seen Brigham Young, the Musical. Now that ideas has the potential for some fun. Book, anyone? Libretto?

Saturday, March 16, 2013

This comment just in

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Why Joseph Smith is not a prophet":

"Gonna need a little more evidence to actually support your reason, its humorous yet just a bunch of rambling you also have to mention that how did he get all smart enough to do what he did without an education? and other stuff like that. Going into another topic throws off your little statement either your a child who hasn't studied well enough, or the education of this world is so poor that no one can make a clear and direct statement. tis only my opinion of this little page."

Joseph Smith was not uneducated. His parents were school teachers. He received some home schooling from them.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

New Year Greetings!

New Year Greetings to all the followers of this blog and also to anyone who happens to stumble upon it.

I hope to be a bit more active on this blog, but life tends to get in the way, sometimes!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Saw an Afro Caribbean missionary with his white companion

Just the other day. They were both young, serious-faced young men.

They were probably transferring somewhere (or one was) as they were going to catch a train.

I thought, for a fleeting moment, that I should ask him about how he felt about the racist history of the Mormon Church?

But I decided against it, because I thought: "I really do not want to get into a debate about this so early in the morning and I do not want to crush the poor fellows heart."

So I hurried on to the office (running late again, as usual!) and hoped that someday, he and his companion would know the truth. And be set free.