Sunday, September 23, 2007

Welcome to the Carnival of the Veil!

We start this edition with a posting from the blog of paranoidfr33k, with a posting explaining why paranoidfr33k is paranoid.

“Why am I paranoid? Because everyone is out to get me. Thats why! If you were in my position, you would be paranoid too.” (ED: That’s not paranoia! It is enlightened self-protection and commonsense! Actually, paranoidfr33k makes some very good points on what it is like to be an exmo if your family is still very much in…)

The next post is from South Bay Soliloquies who is suffering at the moment. My thoughts go out to you. It is tough, but hang on in there…
“I lost a Great Love tonight.I have no one with whom to share my bed, my food, my home, or my life with. Not to mention my dreams, the great sorrows and triumphs of life, and my soul.”

On, now, to Thoughts from Sister Mary Lisa who writes on the topic of Utah drivers. (Who are, probably, mainly Mormon)

“OK, I had to laugh at Melliferous Pants' blog...she's so damn funny. She recently moved to Utah from California and has discovered the suckiness that is Utah drivers.”
And DO have fun with the comments on the good Sister’s post!

This next one is from Utarnia who has a heartfelt plea that I am sure we can all sympathise with:

“I give up! I just want to be normal! No more Mormonism - ever again! I'm sick of the way I get treated. The stares... The pointing... God two year olds have better manners. The inaction and lies from the local police when my business is attacked by lunatics.”

And here is the Eight Hour Lunch contribution

This week’s podcast starts with some cool music and an apology. And it is clear that there has not been a lunch anything like eight hours in length for our host! The podcast includes an interview with the host/owner of and listener’s letters. Including a drink of the week from Nicole, and a whole lot more.

And finally, here is my contribution.

In March 2006 I posted about the bitterness and anger that I felt about the Mormon Church. Someone read this post within the past week and sent me a comment, which I allowed to be published on the site.

This is what Sam said:
“Hey Matt - sorry to hear of your bad experiences with mormonism. You have every right to be angry. Unfortunately as long as you have bitterness and hatred, it still has power over you. If you want to be free, it has to be God's way - through forgiveness. If you want help to come out from under this curse through Jesus, go to or”

Well, that’s kind of Sam. But exactly how do you forgive a Mormon? Can Mormons really accept forgiveness?

See you later, in two weeks time.


Diane Lowe said...

Hey there!

Thanks for your support!

Great Carnival!

jen said...

Hey F.P., good name as fear must be in your backpocket some of the time....
Being raised Catholic I realized what "dead" religion is and found a nondenominational church where the spirit is there, I realized there is a road to freedom...God loved us so much to send his son to die in our place-that is the love He has for us!Unconditional! is a great ex paranoid freak and he has alot of Real Life experiences to share!!
The Best,