Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanks Giving and Good evening, followers!

I just thought I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all of my American readers/followers a Happy Thanks Giving.

I hope that all is going well and that you are all enjoying yourselves as much as you can.

Friday, November 18, 2011


I have a job. The department I work in is chronically understaffed. There should ideally be 3 or 4 people in it, but there's just me.

This means that arranging holidays is a nightmare and if I have a cold although I'd love to remain at home and coddle it I have to battle on and work.

Some of my colleagues have whined and say: "You shouldn't come to work with a cold! You should stay at home!"

My reply was: "You do realise that if I stayed at home, you would be in difficulties?"

"How?" was the truculent reply.

"Because if I do not come into work then you will not be able to do your jobs and you will lose your commission for the month!"

The worst offender actually becomes very offensive. Forgetting that she regularly brings colds into work!

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Two new blogs added to the Notamormon exmo blog list

Notamormon would like to thank the latest two additions to the list of exmormon blogs.

You can find it at the link on the Link section to the right of the site, or here

"Well, what harm can Mormonism do?" Let me explain

If the last time you attended the Mormon Church was before the Three Hour Block Programme was introduced, I doubt you would recognise it as the same Mormon Church.

Regular ward or branch socials? Theatrical presentations and the like? Things of the past, mainly. Rummage or jumble sales, bring and buys? Banned by edict from Salt Lake City.

Remember Sunday School in the morning, with Sacrament meeting in the evening? All gone! All absorbed into the mad, frantic and spiritually sapping Three Hour Block Programme.

Why? Consolidation. All must be the same. You will be assimilated, Borg-style.

This happened because the Mormon Church is run by its civil service, by managers, not by the clergy. Because, of course, the Mormon Church has no clergy.

"Well, what harm can Mormonism do?" An interesting and fair question. Let me direct you to Read the blogs there, read the posts, then read the heart-wrenching stories about how people struggled when they became aware that the Mormon Church was not what they thought it was. When they realised that it was part MLM, part Ponzi scheme and part corporate behemoth, without any real spirit, or soul or religion, when they realised that the name Jesus Christ over the door was a hollow mockery of Jesus Christ.

Read how families are split apart by the Mormon Church, how it sucks money, time, spirit, heart and even the last vestiges of hope from the membership, from the poor, from the downtrodden, from the needy. The very people that it should be helping, it is actually crushing and trampling underfoot.

Sometimes good people within the Mormon Church do good for others. But please do not be deluded! That is against the backdrop of the whole evil edifice that is Mormonism! The great building, the whited sepulchre built by Joseph Smith, a 19th century con artist that made Charles Ponzi seem like a no-account dilettante piker of a confidence man, when compared to Smith whose claim to fame is that his con is still operating over 180 years later!