Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Is the Notamormon blogsite exmo website list up-to-date?

Some time ago with a great deal of help from several people, I compiled a list of exmo blog and websites.

You can find the link to the list here:- http://notamormon.blogspot.com/2006/04/ex-mormon-websites.html

I believe that there are some new websites that need to be added. Do you have any candidates you would like to have included?

If you would like to link the list to your own blog or website, please do so. If you want to email me with some more websites or blogs, please do so at: matt_exmo@yahoo.co.uk

Thanks for your help.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Has my mother being driven mad by years of Mormonism?

The reason I ask is because she seems unable to employ rational thought processes. The woman who used to be bright and clever is now, well, acting stupid, for want of a better word. And has been doing so for at least ten years.

Some examples of what I mean.

I caught glandular fever. My mother advised me that as she did not want my nephews catching this that I must on no account visit her. I thought this was a little harsh, but I acquiesced to her instruction.

Some time later she range me up, tearfully, berating me for “not visiting her.” When I pointed out that I was only acting on her instructions she said in an odd, cold voice: “Oh. Yes. That’s right. That’s what I said” almost as if she resented my remembering it.

When she went on her mission several years ago my brother and my sister and their families both moved house and took the decision not to tell me their new addresses or new phone numbers. For the full time she was away (with a holiday at the end it was 24 months) they made not one effort to contact me or tell me how they were. Suddenly when she comes back the family and my mother both express shock and concern that I do not feel willing or able to have a family relationship with them. As I said to my wife at the time they all took the decision to cut me out of their lives: “I can take a hint. They obviously have no room for me in their lives.”

Whenever I phone my mother she says: “Oh, I do miss speaking with you.” But she can’t really miss speaking to me, or why would she not just pick up the phone and call me? I mean, she is Internet savvy, has done a legit online university course and sends email to everyone in the family (but not me) so yes, she could call me and speak with me, if she really wanted to.

And my mother (when I phone her up) says: “We do miss you at family events. You should come to them.” That’s a real great idea, mother. Except, of course, I have only been invited to a family event once in three years. It was my mother’s birthday over two years ago and I was invited by accident. The party was actually a Sunday lunch crammed between video showings of a General Conference, so was not really a fitting way to mark her 70th birthday, but then, as an exmo, what would I know?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Are Mormons trained to be liars?

Mormons are apparently taught not to lie. More specifically, in the Biblical terminonlogy, they are taught “not to bear false witness.”

How strange it is for us ex-Mormons to keep finding that Mormons descend on the ex-Mormon bulletin board (www.exmormon.org) with the express intention of lying and bearing false witness to us?

They use a variety of guises. The gentle seeker after truth. The ex-Mormon who has some sincere questions about the faith, the believing Mormon who is struggling with attending church, and there are even people who were born into Mormonism who pretend that they were converts from another faith when they visit www.exmormon.org.

Why do Mormon feel it necessary to visit www.exmormon.org and to lie to the people there? Do they not realise that, in the lies that they tell, they are condemning themselves?

Is it perhaps possible that they do not consider lying to “apostates” (sic) to be an real lie? Do they consider that “being a liar for Jesus” is somehow justified in the arid and vacuous theology that appertains to Mormonism?

Do they really, honestly think that the people who use www.exmormon.org are so stupid and gullible that they will not be able to spot that they are not what they claim to be, but are, instead, nothing but filthy liars?

They attempt to re-convert ex-Mormons by trying to blind us by throwing dirt in our eyes. As a tactic, it is mind numbingly dense. Stupid, even. But when Daniel C. Peterson, a lecturer at BYU decides to use such subterfuge at www.exmormon.org, one realises that the “being a liar for Jesus” programme is one that is approved of at the very highest levels of the Mormon church.

The Mormon church. Condemned as a hotbed of lies and liars out of its own , filthy mouth.

(A slightly different version of this post was published in February. But I thought the points could do with being raised again.)

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Calling IAmThat

You wrote:

"Matt, Interesting that you chose the exact same name and surprisingly have the exact same merchandise for sale, by the exact same supplier. And you have the same name as the NAM site owner. You even end your emails with the same salutation as the other Matt did. Such a coincidence.


Interesting? Only to someone who does not get out enough.

Do I have the same merchandise for sale? No. It would seem that you claim that Matt and myself both use or used the same online shop, Cafe Press (as do thousands of other people and organisations). But NOT the same goods. (The goods I have for sale were designed by me only a couple of months ago, so your claim that we have the SAME goods on sale is untrue. You DID check the goods that are on sale, didn't you? Because I do not think you did.)

What? There are more than two exmos using the name Matt? Do you know how many people use the name Matt or Matthew on the Exmo board? Do you? You do not have to check. I'll tell you. It is 16. And that's only 16 that are registered, there are unregistered ones, also.

Wow. Two people use the same salutation! Is that really "such a coincidence?" Not to anyone with an ounce of common sense. (How many salutations can there be?)

Of course, had you been arsed to email me as I asked you, I could have supplied you with my private UK email address. (Mind you, one would have thought that the fact that I use a UK Yahoo address might have been something of a clue...)

Monday, August 07, 2006

The current Carnival of the Veil is up!

Thanks to Mr G for running this fantastic service!


Why DO so many Mormons enter MLM schemes?

Why do so many Mormons get into MLM schemes or other direct selling schemes and try to sell Amway, Noni Juice, Nu Skin, Mary Kay, Nature’s Sunshine Products, Herbalife, Nutra-Smart, XanGo, Living Scriptures, 4Life Research, NSA, Pharmanex, Quixtar, Shaklee, Kirby, Unicity International, USANA Health Sciences, Inc., and Old Mother Jones’ Baked Goods by Mail? (OK, although it sounds like a good idea, I just made that last one up!)

Now, some ex-Mormons say that this is because Mormons are stupid. This must mean that either they, the ex-Mormon, is also stupid, or somehow when they became an ex-Mormon miraculously became non-stupid and magically intelligent.

However, as most ex-Mormons do not believe in miracles or magic (they drag out that lovely little hobby horse, the Invisible Pink Unicorn) then we must look for another explanation as to why so many Mormons get involved with MLM schemes and scams. The answer is so simple that I am surprised the “Mormons are stupid/gullible” theory has held sway for so long.

The real answer is, I believe, because the Mormon church, in relative terms, keeps its membership ‘dirt poor.’

Every faithful (and some less-than-faithful) Mormon pays 10% of their income to the Mormon Church in a tithe. Now, in strictly Biblical terms, the Mormon tithe is not “legal”. This is because it tithes income before tax; Federal, State, Income Tax, Sales Tax, VAT and Council Tax in the UK, so it tithes gross income and not net/increase as a genuine tithe would.

Therefore the situations for Mormons is worse than it would at first appear to be. Depending on local taxation regimens, the real cost of a Mormon tithe could be anything up to 25 to 50%. And this does not take into account mission fund, fast offering, etc., which takes an even larger chunk of money out of the typical Mormon family budget.

So in comparison to their non-Mormon neighbours (even those of other Christian denominations who might pay a tithe based on increase, rather than gross income) many Mormons are “dirt poor.”

So in order to live any kind of meaningful life and to not have to rely on food stamps, social security handouts or Mormon church welfare, an extra source of income is required.

What about a second job? An attractive idea, true. But as for the practicalities of a Mormon getting a second job? As Austin Powers would say: “Oh, behave!” Most faithful Mormons spend almost all of their free time in meetings, or even in meetings about meetings. Not to mention, home/visiting teaching, missionary splits, etc., etc. They would not have time for an extra job.

So what to do to ensure their children have some luxuries in their life, such as food to eat, a roof over their heads, and so forth? Try MLM. You can run it in your spare time. (What spare time?!) and even if you do not have spare time, you can try to have a whispered conversation in the hall in between three hour block meetings with Brother Zee or Sister Wye, about how you are SURE that Wonder Cure Mineral Drink will just change their lives forever! (And all for only two cans a week, at $14.00 per can.

Do they make any money? The answer varies from not much to zero. So not only do they not get out from the Mormon Church poverty trap they end up even more miserable and depressed. And then what happens? More Prozac, anyone?

So, next time someone says to you that Mormons are stupid for getting into MLMs, ask them where they parked either their Bible or their Invisible Pink Unicorn? Ask them when (or if!) THEY stopped being stupid. Or point out that Mormons are not necessarily stupid, but are kept in the Mormon poverty trap. After all, a poor person is often more pliable than a wealthy one.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The day a Mormon missionary got the $%£$ beat out of him by a surgeon in Shropshire, England

Wellinton, Shropshire, surgeon J. F. Steedman was famed and highly regarded throughout the area of Wellington, Shropshire, for his skills as a surgeon.

However in 1854 Mr Steedman caused a sensation in Wellington when he was on trial for attacking and severely beating a Mormon missionary.

The trial of Thomas Williams v J. F. Steedman took place in the County Court, under “that indefatigable” member of the judiciary, Uvedale Corbett, Esq., as the Welllintton Journal described him.

The case was brought against Mr Steedman by Thomas Williams, a “Mormonite” –as they were then often described- from Shrewsbury, the county town of Shropshire, some twelve or so miles from Wellington.

Due to the high feelings of people against the Mormons in Wellington and the popularity of Mr Steedman, the case had to be removed from the Wellington County Court to the picturesque medieval town hall of Newport, Shropshire.

On the day of the trial the courtroom was packed out with a large crowd of interested parties.Mr Craig was the advocate for the plaintiff, T. S. Smallwood for the defence. The damages claimed were fixed at the then princely sum of £50.

After the jury was sworn in Mr Craig stated the case of his client, claiming that he had been the subject of an unprovoked attack by Mr Steedman. (In Britain surgeons are always addresses as Mr., never doctor, by tradition.) He concluded his opening speech by questioning Williams as to his belief in the New Testament, which he professed to believe in.

Williams gave the following deposition to the court: “I am a thread-finisher in the employ of Marshalls of Shrewsbury, where I have been employed for 15 years. On Sunday 1 January this year (1854) I was in Park Street, Wellington, in the company of a young man named Henry Shaw, going from house to house, distributing tracts belonging to my sect.

“I called at the house of Mr Steedman who is a surgeon, alone. Mr Steedman answered the door himself. (many employers in Victorian times gave their servants Sunday off) I presented a tract, and asked him if he would have the kindness to read it, and I would call on him on the next Sunday, and renew it if agreeable. He glanced over the outside of the tract and asked if I would walk in.

“I said I had no objection, and he shewed me into a room on the left side, There was no one in the room. He went to the window, opened it, looked up and down the street for a moment or so. And then shut the window.

He opened the tract, turned it leaf after leaf and said; “What does this tract contain?” I said; “It contains the initiatory principles into the sect of which I am a member of.”

He said: “What is that?” I answered: “”Faith, repentance, baptism, and the laying on of hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost.”

He said: “You believe in miracles, don’t you?” I said I did. He said: “You believe in the gift of tongues?” I answered that we did. He said: “What reason have you for believing that?” I replied, “because I had received them myself.” He said: “You believe in the gift of healing, don’t you?” I said: “Yes, we do.”

He then rushed at me, gave me a blow with his clenched fist over my left eye and said, with an oath, “Get that healed!”

The blow nearly stunned me, and caused me to kneel, but before I fell, he again struck me. That floored me.

He then commenced kicking me; the first kick was on the calf of my leg, the second was in the ribs. The room appeared to spin round, and I seemed to be losing my senses. His kicks took the breath out of me.

When my senses returned he was standing over me, and again commenced kicking me.With the assistance of a chair, I got into a half-standing position, and he then began striking me, about the head, face and shoulders with his fist.

I called “murder,” and made for the door, which I got open about an inch. He rushed at me, put his foot against the door and shut it, and recommenced kicking and striking me. I shouted: “Oh, dear sir, have mercy upon me; or do you intend to kill me?”

He took no notice, but gave me a blow on the left temple that sent me bouncing against the wall. I felt myself going again. He then stepped back a yard or so, and I got the door open.

He rushed at me, and with a kick on my posteriors, sent me from the door to the causeway, and said: “There, _______, you devil, take that!” I went over the intermediate steps, clear.

I saw no one but the defendant while in his house. I did not strike him, the first blow put me past striking. He is a much larger man than I am. While I was against the palisading (in front of the defendant’s house) Shaw came up. I saw also a man and a boy.

Shaw assisted me. We walked a few yards, and then I vomited three mouthfuls of blood. We went to Mrs Butler’s in New Street. Mrs Butler fomented my face with hot water for about half-an-hour, and gave me a glass of spirits.

“I lay on the sofa till about a quarter past seven. Mr Shaw assisted me upstairs and looked at my ribs. I had much difficulty in getting home that night by rail. My mother got me to bed and sent for Mr Pidduck, the surgeon. He could not come, but sent directions for my treatment.

“On the next day, I went with my father to Wellington, and saw Mr Jones, the surgeon, there. On our return I fell fainting into my father’s arms.

“Mr Gill first saw me on Wednesday the 4. In the meantime I was fomented and poulticed, as Mr Pidduck directed, by my mother. Mr Gill attended me till the 28 or 29 of January, the day before I resumed my employment.

“During that time I was constantly attended by my mother. I could not dress or undress myself for a fortnight. I am now wearing a strengthening plaster on my side, by Mr Gill’s orders.

“I cannot work overtime as I formerly did, and now follow my employment with difficulty. Before the injuries I earned 15s a week, including overtime.”

He informed the court that he had been made overseer (“of the saints”) in the district and claimed that no tracts were delivered without his knowledge. “I never saw Mr Steedman before.”

In his cross-examination, he admitted that the dissemination of the doctrine of “plural marriage” had caused many disturbances in Wellington. He denied that he had offered religious instruction to Mr Steedman, or that he had claimed that the “gift of tongues” was “exclusive to Mormons.”

Henry Shaw, who was also employed as a thread-finisher at Messrs. Marshall’s, PC Smith of Wellington; Mary Butler of Wellington, formerly a 'Mormonite,' (as she put it) but who was, she told the court, now a Roman Catholic (“I have not been a saint since last October”) and Mary Williams, the mother of the plaintiff; all gave evidence that corroborated some of the parts of the statement by Williams.

The controversial Mormon doctrine of polygamy, where one man could take as many wives as he wanted, did seem to influence the development of the case.

George P. Gill, who had examined Williams said; “I examined the plaintiff. The principal injury was merely a bruise, extending from the fourth to the seventh ribs. It was a good deal swollen and very tender. It might have been produced by a blow or a kick, most probably the latter.

He had complained of some difficulty in breathing. I did not see him spit blood. If the vomiting took place, it most likely proceeded from the rupture of a small blood vessel. I saw no reason to apprehend any bleeding had taken place.

"There was a contusion on the left eye, not of any very serious extent. The plaintiff appeared to have had a good beating. A small enlargement of the gland took place about a fortnight after I was called in.

"During the first part of his illness, he appeared to suffer a great deal of pain. I saw him twice at his own house. He came to me about three weeks. During that time I think he was not able to work.

“He seems a poor, feeble, sickly person. From the nature of his constitution, the injuries may be felt for some time, but it is not very probable. The enlargement of the gland has almost subsided.

“The distance between my house and the plaintiff’s is about a mile and a half; he came to me three or four times. My attentions were so slight that I only charged a guinea.”

Mr Craig, for Williams told the court that the sole reason for the attack was personal animosity towards his client by Mr Steedman. However, the defence advocate, T. C. Smallwood, painted a wholly different picture. He scoffed at the idea that there was any personal animosity by Mr Steedman for Williams.

He told the jury that Mr Steedman had been affronted by having someone of the beliefs of the plaintiff promoting his religion in the town in which he, Mr Steedman, lived. The words T. C. Smallwood used were reported thus: “Mr Steedman felt indignation at having the privacy of his home invaded by disseminators of doctrines of the horrible nature that had been disclosed.”

According to the local press, the speech was skilful at playing on the passions of the jury. He asked them, as husbands and fathers, to put themselves in the place of Mr Steedman.

Consider, he asked, if his resentment at the “lewd and blasphemous creed, which this sect propagates, was not pardonable?”

The impression he made on the jury was strong and the calm and clear summing up by Judge Corbett was unable to remove the effects from the minds of the jury members. After only a few moments consultation the jury rose and returned a unanimous verdict.

Although they found in favour of the plaintiff (Mr Steedman had not after all, denied that he had assaulted Williams) in the sum of £5 .Mr Steedman was also known for his great work for Christ Church, Wellington.

This is a re-worked version of a similar article.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Blogger IamThat PLEASE READ

I am NOT the Matt from www.notamormon.com

I am Matt from the UK, on the RFM board.

As I have explained previously, I did NOT know about www.notamormon.com before I started my blog. Had I known, I would have chosen a different bloody name for my blog.

Oh. And that comment you said I would not publish? Here it is.

" sure wish you would have taken us up on the offer to buy notamormon.com from you before you let the site lapse. NYMarshall and I would have kept it going. Instead, you did not notify your users -- some had been with you as much as five years -- that you intended to let the site die. You didn't answer your emails. There were those of us who would have like to archive the messages elsewhere.I doubt this post will make it on your blog and I don't expect a response. I just wanted to let you know how disappointed I am in your actions. I think many of us deserved better than this."

Maybe the Matt who ran that board is ill? Dead, even? Have you considered that possibility?

Email me at matt_exmo@yahoo.co.uk if you want.