Thursday, February 23, 2012

How long will it be before some Mormon "does the work" for Whitney Houston?

How long will it be before some Mormon "does the work" for Whitney Houston?

Yes, indeed! How long will it be before some Mormon decides to "do the work" for Whitney Houston?

Of course, prior to 1978 no decent, Brigham Young fearing Mormon would have even dared to think about having to work done for a "Black" person.

In fact, an otherwise decent young Mormon who seemed to have amassed a collection of Mormon FPRs (this was in pre-Internet days) would regale people with how a white looking Mormon was declined a position in the LDS Church because one of the other priesthood holders was warned by the voice of God that he should not get the calling.

It turned out, she would tell everyone, that this was the right cause of action because when they went back over many years, they found out that this man had a single "Black" ancestor, so was not worthy of either being given the calling or even of holding the priesthood. Why? Because having even one drop of "Black" blood precluded him from full membership of the LDS church.

Oddly enough, I have not heard that FPR since 1978. And, in accordance with the habits of Mormonism, I doubt if she remembers telling that story, which she told gleefully at Seminary, Institute, Firesides, or in F&T meeting.

Anyone else hear that FPR? Any other FPRs that you would like to share?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Here's a Question! Was Whitney Houston's Voice wasted as a talent?

Obviously, her talent was wasted by the damned fools who introduced her to illegal drugs and the idiot enablers who help keep her addicted to various chemicals and drugs over the years, both legal and illegal.

But here's a more fundamental point: Was Whitney's voice and vocal talents wasted by the music she was asked to perform?

Should Whitney have been directed into the realms of classical music? Of opera instead of popera? Or of Gospel music?

What do you think? Please leave a comment.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

How to counter Mormon Baptism for the Dead

To some people the Mormon doctrine of Baptism for the Dead is of no importance. They beleive that as it is a fake created by Joseph Smith, that it doesn't matter.

However, for some people it matters very much. They feel it is an insult to not only their dead ancestors but also to the family.

Others might wonder why the Mormon Church should benefit from the misdeeds of some of its own members.

For example, Mormons,some disguised as Indians, murdered an entirely innocent wagon train of settlers in Mountain Meadows. Should the Mormon Church profit from having their murder victims baptised for the dead?

And in Germany some Mormons sided with the Nazis and reported where Jewish families were hiding. They even reported on members of the German Resistance movement causing them to be taken away and executed. Once again, the questions remains, should the Mormon Church be allowed to profit from the misdeeds of some of its membership?

I think not.

How, therefore, can baptism for the dead be countered in a theological way? If you are an active member of a religious group you can approach your church elders or leaders and ask them to organise a special ceremony to de-baptise the victim of baptism for the dead, or necrodunking as some critics term this practice.

If you do not regularly attend a church you might like to take the following prayer and change it to suit your own particular faith's concept of God:-

"Lord, please hear my prayer. The Mormon Church has baptised for the dead members of my family, my clan or other people that I feel connected to by reason of tribe, culture or faith. Lord, I feel that this baptism for the dead is an insult to not only them, but also to myself and other members of my family, my clan and my culture.

"Therefore, Lord, I am asking you to please revoke the effects of this baptism for the dead and set it aside as being an unwarranted intrusion and an insult."

You can then finish the payer in the fashion appropriate to your faith.

If you are an atheist, you can alter this to remove any religious reference and instead make it into a prayer to the Universe.

If you like this idea, please forward this blog post to as many people as you feel would find comfort, release and peace from being able to enact this idea.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

An appeal for funds for Notamormon

Good day. I have hesitated to make this request for some time, but, I have decided that the time has come when it has to be made.

The computer I use to run my Notamormon blog is now somewhat elderly in the terms of the ages of computers.

It is now over five years old and does require either changing for a newer model or at the very least it needs some new parts. a better cooling fan, for example.

However, Matt's day job is not paying what it should (I have not had a pay rise in six years, for one reason or another) and so upgrading or replacing my old HP Computer is not possible at present.

Which is where the loyal readers of Notamormon come in. Would you, please, be able to donate a modest sum of money to the Matt's Notamormon New Computer Appeal Fund?

I am not asking for a vast sum of money from everyone. If everyone who can could just make a modest donation of four or five Dollars, then that would be marvellous.

The donation button is on the upper right of the Notamormon blog. I am not asking for one large, generous donation, just a number of modest or small donations, please.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A website you might like to check out

They have a link to Notamormon on their site.

Thank you for that link. Most kind of you! God Bless you!

Friday, February 10, 2012

RFM needs donations

RFM needs donations, this is because the site is now so busy that it is starting to cost Eric a lot of money. And that's not fair. and look for the Paypal button so you can make your own donation.

Monday, February 06, 2012

At last! ExMormon sticker and notice designs are available here!

Several months ago I promised that some designs for ex-Mormon stickers and notices would be available.

Due to circumstances beyond my control this has not been possible to put into action until very recently.

But now, they are available! And here are the first designs. You can use them on websites or print them out for use on the door of your home if you are pestered by Mormons and/or other religious callers.

Please enjoy them!