Sunday, June 26, 2011

Recovery From Mormonism Board

The board is a great resource and forum for ex-Mormons and those who want to learn about Mormonism from those who are not still trapped within the Mormon bubble.

Apparently the board needs to be updated and some money might be required in the form of donations.

I hope to ensure that the Notamormon blog will be able to help the founder of RFM, Eric, raise these funds, whenever Eric decides he wants to launch this.

So, folks, please watch this space!

Weather update? Sunny! Hot, hot, hot! The summer is here, hurrah!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

New free online resource and training course for writers launched

A new free online resource and training course for writers has been launched.

Be That Writer will provide information of interest to writers, some training and some writing exercises to help aspiring or perspiring(!) writers to hone their writing skills.

A spokesman for Be That Writer said: "It's our aim to help you to Be That Writer that you want to be and that you can be. A lot of what you might have been told about becoming a writer is probably nonsense.

"Sadly, some of it is expensive nonsense, as some people who run writing courses can charge worse than a rioting rhino! You do not have to pay for using the resources of Be That Writer, but if you want to, you can make a donation via the site to help us defray our expenses."

Be That Writer will be of help to people who want to write for the fun of it and for those who want to make some income from their writings, as well as having some fun.

The site is operated by experienced writers, the editor-in-chief and publisher has in excess of 25 years as an author and published writer who makes a living from writing.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Beautiful day went a bit pear shaped

Monday was OK up until about 3.00pm when it started to cloud over.

By 5.30pm it started to get a bit breezy and when I went out to walk to meet my wife from work at just before 7pm the nice day had been replaced with a bitingly cold win and driving, torrential rain.

We got soaked to the skin and hot showers and changes of clothing was the order of the day!

"Rain and bitterly cold winds. Brought to you by the British Summer!" Wonderful.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Looks to be a beautiful day

I am waiting for my cup of very strong coffee to cool sufficiently to drink and, at 5.30am BST (British Summer Time) it looks to have all the makings of a beautiful day.

There's a lovely moon high in the sky and the sky is without cloud and the sun is rising and the birds are doing their own things, and I am up at work on my various websites.

Let's hope the promise of a beautiful, glorious June day with some great summer weather is born out by the actuality! I'll report back later and tell you.

Have a great day, everyone!

So far my exmo Sunday has consisted of Zumba dancing with the Nintendo Wii!

My wife bought a new game for the Nintendo Wii, a Zumba dance workout programme.

We tried it at lunchtime and both got a kick out of it. My wife is already very good at it. I confessed to her that I felt as ungainly as an elephant dancing in a ballet tutu, but she just said: "Have some fun, don't take it too seriously!"

Later on I did some Wii steps and some Wii yoga and played several games of Wii tennis and must admit that I am feeling better for it, physically and mentally, too.

If you need to exercise but do not feel comfortable in the gym , or jogging along the road or do not have the time or money for gym membership, I can heartily recommend a Nintendo Wii with the balance board (which also weighs you!) Wii Fit, Wii Fit resort and the Zumba game.

I am losing weight and haven't felt this fit in a long, long time!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Where was the Techno Granny dancing?

Toward the end of the techno granny dancing video I noticed that there was a Ben and Jerry's ice cream stand, which had English signs on it.

I have sent Ben and Jerry's a link to the video and asked them if they could identify where the video was filmed.

If I get some information on this I will share it here.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

More crazy weather

It snowed in North Wales (ironically in the part of Wales called Snowdonia) over the weekend. And it is predicted by the weather forecast we saw yesterday that we might have some snow today where we live, in Shropshire.

And yes, at 5.30am this morning we certainly did have snow clouds gathering. Though whether or not it will actually snow or not is another matter. I'll post an update, later on today or tomorrow.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Sunburn hurts

Sunburn hurts. A lot. Especially when it gets to the "never had blisters with sunburn, before" stage.

Even if there's not much sun (apparently) you can still get sunburn.

According to the nurse I saw it will take a couple of weeks before it gets better.

Ouch. Oh, well.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Weird weather event

This morning at 5.15 when I got up, it was beautiful sunshine.

But by 5.45am, a thick fog had suddenly developed.

However! by 7.30am the fog has vanished and the sun is now back and it looks like it will be a very warm, pleasant day.

I'll be stuck in an office in an old building that will still be cold (very thick 16th century walls and half-timbered) but hey, there's the weekend to look forward to!

We might do a barbecue. Well, it IS National Barbecue Week in Britain! Though this will be the first day of suitable weather.

And, of course, no Mormon church on Sunday! Hurrah!

For some details on National Barbecue Week you can visit