Tuesday, May 30, 2006

There are more BAD intentions on the road to hell! Just ask Joseph Smith, founder of Mormonism

Whenever someone does a good deed that turns out to have negative results, people will often shake their head and say: "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions."

But I would argue (in the case of the Mormon Church and its founder Joseph Smith, in any case) that there are more bad intentions paving the road to Hell, than good!

Let's face facts. Joseph Smith could not have translated the Book of Mormon. ParkerM noticed this and posted it on the RFM Board:

"http://home.teleport.com/~packham/bomvslds.htmI don't know how many if any of you have seen this, I haven't seen it linked on the site if it's not it should be and if it is it should be on the very font/top of the links page. That's just my opinion, I could be wrong really think this is a good step off point for anyone questioning the LDS church. Their teachings don't even agree with their own book "The literal word of God" Just some food for thought."

Thank you, ParkerM, for that post over at RFM (www.exmormon.org)

We know Smith wrote the D&C, which contains direct contradictions to the Book of Mormon teachings.

Joseph Smith, therefore, had bad intentions when he founded the Mormon Church. He sacrificed a sheep in ceremony that had nothing to do with Earth or Folk magic. He fraudulently used a stone to pretend to scry.

He married and had sexual intercourse with girls as young as 14. Let's face it. The road to the Hell of Mormonism was not paved with the good intentions of Joseph Smith. It was paved with his bad intentions.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

What do other faiths think about Mormon Baptism for the Dead?

Is it not time that they started to fight back over this vile doctrine? It is an insult to the memories of our dear departed relations and especially to all of the poor souls murdered by the Nazis.

Now, here is a point. Jews were murdered by the Nazis and (despite claims to the contrary by the Mormon Church) Jewish victims of the Holocaust are STILL being baptised by proxy.

As well as Jews, Homosexuals were also murdered as part of the Nazi genocide. Are homosexuals being baptised for the dead, also? Or not? (The Mormon Church is anti-gay, so perhaps not.)

Either way, the roll call of Holocaust victims should not be used as a feeding pot for the vile practices of the Mormon church, established by the necromancer and convicted fraudster, Joseph Smith.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Hello! I am Buddha!

Based upon a personal and philosophic journey spanning six years, Buddha Returns details the author's realization as to the modern-day reincarnation of Siddhartha Gautama, later known as Buddha.
The book provides the answers to deep questions that confront all of us in a busy world that can at times seem spiritually empty.
"We return to this 'School of Life' many times until finally we graduate. Then everything becomes possible and suffering no longer exists."

Thus begins this unique work, which delves into the true meaning of karma, and how it reveals itself through the author's own spiritual experiences and insight.

The primary message of the book is that everything that we do, and everything that we experience, is a result of karma. In fact, all cause and effect can be better understood from this Buddhist perspective. When the individual truly understands karma and how it functions, then he or she will have a more enlightened understanding of life itself.

Nowadays, people frequently feel uncertain of their futures, and insecure in this often troubled world. But comprehension of karma and the role that it plays, can provide wisdom and solace to anyone so troubled, and seeking answers.

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More Information: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2006/5/prweb390762.htm

Science and religion. A scientist's view

In his new book, "God and Science Among the Infinities," Dr. Richard Coren considers the origin of religious belief and its status in our increasingly science-driven world.

He challenges our understandings of theology, science, and technology, while investigating the features which tie them together or that illuminate their differences.

Employing the simple theories of systems and of infinities, he penetratingly analyzes classical examples from our understandings of the theology of God and of various fields of science, and establishes limits on both.

Thought- provoking and original Professor Coren’s book shows how God and science coexist in the modern mind. This book is the beginning of a science of religion; it can no longer be claimed that science has nothing to say about God.

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I MAKE NO COMMENT ON THIS PRESS RELEASE! LDSHearts.com Announces World's Largest Family Home Evening for LDS singles

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World's largest family home evening is being organized by LDSHearts.com for single members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

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In the Church, Family home evening is considered a special time set aside each week that brings family members together and strengthens their love for each other, helps them draw closer to Heavenly Father, and encourages them to live righteously.

In 1915 President Joseph F. Smith and his counselors in the First Presidency began a Churchwide effort to strengthen the family. They called on parents in the Church to gather their children once each week for a "Home Evening."

Families were to take time to pray and sing together, read the scriptures, teach the gospel to one another, and participate in other activities that would build family unity. In 1970 President Joseph Fielding Smith joined with his counselors in the First Presidency to designate Monday night as the time for family home evening.

Since that announcement, the Church has kept Monday evenings free from Church activities so families can have this time together. Latter-day prophets continue to urge Church members to give highest priority to family home evening. They have promised that our dedication to this program will help protect our families against the evils of our time and will bring us abundant joy now and throughout the eternities. "

Like all Church members, we value the spiritual experiences and the joys that come from spending time with our family and friends during this special day of the week and we understand how single members of the Church might find it more difficult to have a regular family home evening on their own, so we feel this is a great opportunity to bring tens of thousands of like minded single LDS Church members together to discuss Gospel principles and make new friends," says James Gillen, President of LDSHearts.com.About

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This week's Carnival of the Veil


Just when it looked to be getting better...

I had thought that things were improving. I was getting on better with my TBM mother. (Chiefly, however, I realise because I had made the effort.)

She probably hasn't got long to live (or so she implied the other week, as a result of several health problems.) so I was letting bygones be bygones, talking to her on the phone, and thinking of visiting her.

This has all been thrown into chaos when my wife was approached by a woman she had never met before. (My wife is a well known local writer and her photo has appeared in the local paper) The woman said: "You are Matt's wife, aren't you?"

My wife said that yes she was. This woman then began shouting at her (in public, mind you!): "I think it is a disgrace what you have done to that poor family! How DARE you upset them?"

My wife told her to go away in no uncertain terms.

I am angry, It is now clear that my mother has been continuing to gossip and lying about not only me but my wife (which I consider to be worse) to her TBM cronies.

I met my wife YEARS after I stopped being a Mormon, so what is my mother pulling through her? I am angry with her, but if I say anything to her it will just make the situation WORSE.

And this is one of the reasons why I loath and despise the Mormon Cult.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

When I was odained an elder at age 18, I felt I was a fraud!

They had just ordained me and I thought: "This is a farce! I am 18 years old. And they have ordanied me an elder. It's a joke!

"What experiences of life have I ever had that qualifies me for being considered to be an elder? Surely an elder should be just that? An elder? Someone who is elder than people like me, someone with some life experience, someone who has earned the right to be called elder? Earned the right to be respected!

I hadn't. I was a kid, still we behind the ears!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Fantastic new service Carnival of the Veil

Carnival of the Veil is a fantastic new Internet service that brings you the best of the ex-mormon blogs of the week.

To check out this magnificant feature of the exmormon blogworld please visit http://tomanyquestions.blogspot.com/2006/05/welcome-to-first-edition-of-carnival.html

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My former Mormon Bishop the liar

Yes. My former Mormon Bishop was a liar. I already knew he was a flake, but I found out he was a liar, too. This was, I think, one of the later points that helped signpost me away from Mormonism.

I went to a party held by a recent exmo. I was still a practicing Mormon then. A young member of the ward was there, too. She was 16 and had obviously being drinking alcohol before she arrived at the party.

I decided to personally deal with her drink 'orders' then. She asked for a rum and Coke. She got a coke with a tiny amount of rum. She wanted a Martini and lemonade. She got a Lemonade and did I remember to put in some Martini? Who can say?! Someone at the party (a nevermo) asked me why I was giving her so much booze? When I explained what I was doing, she thought it an excellent plan and gave it her blessing. She expressed concern that Mormon kids were not taught how to drink responsibly. To which I agreed. (Much to my surprise...)

A week later I was called into the office of Bishop Gold. (Not his real name, but close enough.) He said: “Give me one good reason why I should not put you before a church court?”

I thought: “Well, probably because I haven’t done anything, you idiot.”

I looked at him and said, coldly, “Well, Bishop Gold. Why don’t you start by telling me what is on your mind?”

He gave me a cock-and-bull story about how he knew I had gotten a young girl deliberately drunk and that he was not only considering a church court, but also considering reporting me to the police for encouraging underage drinking.

He said: “And I know this is true, because a non-member friend of mine told me that he had been invited to that party and how it had become an orgy!”

I knew this was untrue and that he had probably been given a very distorted version of the events at the party by a rather strange and disturbed Mormon woman who had fried their brains with illegal drugs several years before she became a Mormon.

I suddenly felt very angry with him. Normally I was known for being quiet and “unassuming.” Whilst I am usually a fairly placid person who is slow to anger when I do get angry I do get angry.

I looked him straight in the eye and said: “Bishop, what I would like to know is, first of all, why you have chosen to lie to me, today? I am not pleased that you asked me to come to a meeting with you, and that you threaten me with a church court and then you lie to me.”

He went bright red. I though: “Bingo! Got you!”

He blustered for several seconds. He then said. “I didn’t lie to you! I… Well…”

I continued: “You did not have a friend from work go to that party.” (I knew all the people who attended, so that was a dumb story to use and was a totally unnecessary invention on his part.)

“In fact, I would guess that Sister Singer (not her real name) told you about the party, didn’t she?” (I could see by the way his jaw dropped that I had scored a direct hit, even though it was only a guess.)

“Did you know that Sister Singer was not at the party? So she obviously passed on to you a juicy snippet of gossip that she embellished and added on to!

“An orgy was it? Well, actually, no. The hostess and her boyfriend kissed, but then, as it was her birthday party, no surprise there. By the way, Bishop Gold, what is the legal age for drinking at a private party in Britain?”

He looked much happier now. Here was an answer he knew! Or thought he knew. “It is 18!” he said with a sneer on his face. His sneering expression said: “Yes. You think you are clever, don’t you? You spotted I was making it up, you realised who had given me the information but I have got you on this one!”

“You are wrong, Bishop Gold. The drink laws in Britain are complicated. In Britain it is generally the case that the age for drinking alcohol in Britain in licensed premises is 18. Incidentally, if a child of 14 or older is eating a meal with his or her parents they are legally allowed to drink alcohol with their meal, either wine or cider.

"However, as for the legal age for drinking at a private party or in a private home in Britain? You might be surprised to find learn that there isn’t one. It is perfectly legal for children to drink alcohol at home or at a private party they at someone else's home. You and I might disagree with the law, but that it is the law as it stands.” He went pale.

I then explained that I had basically given her 'pop' with enough alcohol to give it a smell and taste, but not enough to get drunk.

I had won. And he knew it. Our relationship thereafter was strained to say the least.

But this set me thinking. He had been all for setting up a church court for me (Oh, yes. Bishop Gold liked his church courts) but he had decided to base this on nothing but the gossip of a mentally ill member (she was jealous of the woman hosting the party) his own fatally flawed understanding of the British licensing laws as they stood in the late 1970s and early 1980s and he had chosen to deliberately lie to me. Doubtless he would have seen his lie as a subterfuge to break me and get me to confess. But it was a lie, never-the-less.

Prior to that I had known Bishop Gold as a blowhard, a flake, a martinet and a pompous arsehole. I now knew him also as being a dangerously flawed person who saw nothing wrong in lying to get his own way.

Yes, that was one of the baby steps that lead me away from the Mormon church to the truth. And I never thanked Bishop Gold for his help in that regard!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Make your own cider

This recipe is included "as is" from memory. I accept no responsibility if you try to make it. I had some good successes though, and may make some more, one day.

If you do not like beer, have you tried cider? The alcholic type, I mean?If you get a demijon and an airlock bung you can make your own.Twp or three cartons of apple juice, enough water to take the liquid to the shoulder of the demijon, and two pounds of sugar or a large jar of runny honey, mix it all up with some wine yeast, add some dried fruit and put the airlock bung in.Leave it for about four to five weeks. When it stops bubbling, you can leave it for several weeks more and then syphon it off, or you can, when it stops bubbling, put it into presurised bottles. Leave for a few weeks more and then it should be ready to drink.Don't drink the sediment, though.

And it does Make a fairly potent brew.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

New way to help the poor of the world help themselves

Trujillo-Peru-May 2006-Inspired by a practice and simple idea to help the most abandoned, "The World Movement of Direct Help to the Poor" is spreading quickly all over the world.

The idea was born in the indigenous community “San Juan of Yanác”, a poor and small Andean community located in the Department of Cajamarca, 500 kilometers to the northeast of Lima, capital of Peru.In San Juan the life is calm and serene among the luminous beauty of the mountains and the silent dignity of the Andean poverty.

The climate is excellent, the pure air and the intensely blue sky is beautiful.There, doña Rosario Ravines lived and served throughout her 90 years old to the poorest people in her town. One day, doña Rosario was visited by some old and abandoned husbands. She gave them the only thing that she had, some potatoes.

When she returned from the kitchen she found a moving scene, the old men were on their knees, praying and thanking to God with tears in the eyes. Hours later a cheerful and smiling young nephew arrived to the house saying : Dear aunt, I am bringing you these recently harvested potatoes."

It was ten pounds more than she gave! In that moment the "Miracle of Sharing" was born : “give without hoping to receive and receive more than what was given” and there the "World Movement of Direct Help to the Poor" was also born. To join to the Movement is very easy. You should only formulate the following promise and keep it

Starting from today, I PROMISE you, my GOD, that once a month,every month, every year, all my life, I will leave the street and I will give some bread, a charity, or something useful to the first poor person that I find in my way”

If millions give something every month,- millions, - poorer than us -, will receive something,every month. That is the essence of the Movement : GIVE. And share with the poorest.

To preach with the example the website of the Movement shares freely some topics of interest like " Cancer Cure Formula Revealed ", "Fibromyalgia: I Myself Was Treated", “Enlarged Prostate Natural Treatment " Impotence Alternative Treatment” and other themes more.

In addition it is in construction the “World Bank of Free Business Ideas” - If you have a good business idea, send it and share it with the other ones. Remember, there is more happiness in giving than in receiving.

If the life has given you something good, it is time of sharing a little bit with the other ones. Join to the Movement and spread it as a “good virus of solidarity” The “Miracle of Sharing” is a non profit organization founded by the Peruvian journalist Luis Quiroz Ravines. For information: http://www.themiracleofsharing.org

Saturday, May 06, 2006

My Mormon story part 3

When I was a non-Mormon I used to attend Sea Scouts. I havn't a clue why we had a Sea Scout group where we lived, as we were in a landlocked community, but I loved going, any way!

Then, after we became Mormons, somehow I never went to Sea Scouts any more. Instead, I had Primary. As a replacement for the Sea Scouts, it was a bitter disapointment. We did nothing. We had a green sash to wear to glue plastic badges on. But I only ever got to glue one or two plastic badges on, as in Britain we did very little of the "fun" activities that American Primary Children did.

Although we had the Primary Penny Parade for some Mormon children's hospital in Utah. I thought that rather strange. The only regular thing they did for us was to take our money away from us. And that was on top of tithing.

My non-member friends still went to Sea Scouts. Only, somehow, I never got to play with them, these non-member friends, any more. I had to play with my own new church friends at church and Primary.

But I was often the only child in my Primary class, so playing with friends at church or primary was never really an option. What was wrong about my non-member friends? "Nothing. But... because we are Mormons now, we are different to them. We should be in the world, but not of it."

I was alone. And very lonely as a Mormon.

Are people ever really as happy when they are Mormon?

Thinking back on it, the happiness of Mormons always struck me as being illusionary or self-delusional.

"We are just as happy as non-Mormons!" Was often the cry I heard. But why? Why did Mormons always have to be so damned emphatic that they were just as happy as everyone else?

Had someone ever said to them all: "Gosh! You Mormons are so damn miserable! Lighten up, a little!"

No, I do not think that happened. What I think happened was this: The Mormons I knew were almost all converts. They had lived normal, pretty ordinary, happy lives. Then they had converted to Mormonism.

how best to describe the effect of Mormonism on the life of an ordinary, decent person? It is simple you can describe the effect in this way: "Can't, Shouldn't, Wouldn't."

As in: "You Can't do that; You shouldn't do that, I wouldn't do that."

The Mormon church is filled not with the great things you can do, but with the many great things that you can't do.

Friday, May 05, 2006

My Mormon story part 2

Although I had friends who were non-Mormons, somehow I knew the Mormon church had somehow erected an invisible barrier between them and me. Somehow it was made known to me that I was different. I was chosen, I was special. Funny. I did not feel special! I felt confused!

However, I believed that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. How did I know this? We had tapes played to us by the elders (remember those small portable reel-to-reel tape machines that they missionaries used back in the 1960s? Also, we had slide shows and everyone was shown the film: “Meet the Mormons.”

I recall my mother being worried when she realised that Brigham Young was involved with the church. But somehow she was able to smooth that over in her mind. More’s the pity!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

My Mormon story

In 1966, my parents attended the church of England. One day the missionaries came calling and my mother had a “religious experience” when she knew everything the missionaries would tell her was the truth.

So, based on that, we became Mormons. I was ten and basically I had no choice. One week we were a normal family enjoying life, then next, we were Mormons and forbidden to drink tea or coffee.

Instead we had to make do with German Ersatz coffee, Caro and Postum. My memories of pre-Mormon life on a Sunday were of a visit to church, followed by returning home to watch a film on TV, almost invariably a war film, whilst eating ham sandwiches and drinking tea. Suddenly, that life was gone forever. Sundays became a time of never quite being good enough and of a collection of fruitcakes, loons and nutters trying to tell us how to live our lives. One fruitloop even came to our house for a week-day primary meeting with my mother and marched into the living room declaring stridently: “We do NOT watch TV on the day primary is on!”
There will be more later.