Sunday, October 31, 2010

How Mormonism changes its core doctrines

I was watching a TV programme with my mother and (as an aside) the presenter pointed out that people from Asia had settled America having crossed the Baring Straights.

My mother then said: "Well that's interesting because the (Mormon) church teaches that Lehi and his family were from Asia, so that confirms what it teaches."

I made no comment.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A colleague dashed back into the office shouting: "Help! I'm been chased by the Moomins!"

She said: "I told them "'I don't believe in God' and ran off!" But they chased me! The one said he was sorry for me!" (Moomins! She has a very good sense of humour!)

They are a right pair of idiots.

Someone on the RFM board suggested reporting them. I considered that suggestion, but then I thought better of it. Because the best thing is to just let them keep on putting people off their ersatz multi-level marketing scam church!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Arghh! Those Mormon missionaries again!

Whilst walking through the part of town where I live, those TWO bloody Mormon missionaries approached me in the street, again!

I decided to take the initiative by greeting them with a cheery "good morning! and, in a very British way, commented on the weather.

They started on their "We would like to share our message..." spiel when I told him I was: "really seriously not interested." I got the: "Don't you believe in God?" line.

At this point I snapped back with: "Oh, God! Don't start THAT nonsense, again!" And ignored their fading wittering as I walked away from them.

Their attitude set me thinking. Is being rude a new Mormon missionary tactic? Do they hope that by shocking someone with such a rude remark that they can force the person concerned to listen to their message, be so 'overcome by the spirit' (tm) that they will immediately seek baptism and become a 'golden convert' (tm)? Is it a general new missionary tool?

If so, that's a stupid idea in Britain. Some stereotypes are valid, to a point. We British people do appear to be aloof and somewhat standoffish. It's just that some things are not done. Challenging people in the street regarding their religion is one of these things.

British people can be patient. But here's the thing. Eventually, we do snap. During the 100 Years War (1337 to 1453) it is said that, due to their propensity to let rip with choice invectives, the French dubbed their English enemies as les Goddamns.

If these Mormon missionaries do not stop abusing people in the streets, I think it likely that they will learn the lesson that the French learnt over 650 years ago.

They are worse than people selling Amway, Kleeneze or Bettaware! At least you can use THEIR products to clean your floor! You can't wipe the floor with a Mormon missionary! Oh... perhaps you can?!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Those missionaries, again

Yes, I met those two rude missionaries, again. I was about to go into the local hospital for a routine blood test (to check that the prescriptions meds I am aren't harming me) when the bicycling buffoons finished harassing some random pedestrian and decided to illegally cycle towards me and try to engage me in their: "If you don't let us bore the crap out of you with our message about Jesus Smith (thanks for that quote, Mr Hinckley!) we'll start berating you for being an atheist" line, I just said: "I'm late for an appointment and after the last time I spoke with you, I have nothing to add to it."

They must have then remembered who I was as they ceased following me and I can't recall even geting a faked: "Have a nice day!"

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Eco-facists and their latest video

I can't believe they could be THIS stupid. Oh, hang on, yes, I can believe they could be THIS stupid. And I speak as a former Green Party activist...