Sunday, June 24, 2007

£1Million bet on proving the afterlife

A self-syled paranormal investigator is hoping to collect ONE MILLION POUNDS from bookmakers William Hill in the UK, after placing a bet that conclusive proof of an after-life will be forthcoming.

Ross Hemsworth, of Glastonbury,England, has bet £100 at odds of 10,000/1 with William Hill as a means of supporting his own belief that the afterlife is close to being proved to exist, and coinciding with the imminent publication of his new book,

The Dead ARE Talking. "We are used to taking bets on matters as bizarre as the existence of the Loch Ness Monster; whether Elvis Presley is still alive and when UFOs may land, even on whether ghosts exist, but this is the first time we have ever taken a bet that conclusive proof of the existence of the after-life will be forthcoming." I've no idea what that evidence may be, but if Ross produces it before the end of the year, we will be paying him £1million said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

Ross Hemsworth is a business entrepreneur and owner of Glastonbury Radio (, and is also a well known paranormal radio and TV presenter, scientific investigator of anomalous phenomena and an intriguing and entertaining speaker at events worldwide.

He has been hailed as a 'forward thinking visionary' and 'prolific investigator' and also promotes positive thinking and 'cosmic ordering' and making things happen rather than waiting for six numbers to make you rich in the lottery stakes!

He is also co-founder of The Phantom or Fraud Project. (Visit As a successful speaker, and now author with his first book (The Dead ARE Talking) Ross tours the world promoting the growth of spirituality, and science's more open-minded approach to the paranormal.

He also has some intriguing views on inter-dimensional entities, what some people call aliens He will be compere and lead speaker at The Forbidden Knowledge Conference in Glastonbury on Saturday July 14th where he will also be signing copies of the limited first edition of his new book.

Ross announced today that he will be bringing together a number of the world's leading scientific investigators of the paranormal to form a team to work on this project, and will be splitting any winnings from the bet with them to help fund further research! Ross Hemsworth can be contacted at

Friday, June 22, 2007

New Buddhist temple opened in Kings Bromley, Staffordshire

The official opening of the Buddha Vihara Temple at Alrewas Road, Kings Bromley, Burton on Trent Staffs DE13 7HR will take place on Saturday 30th June at 2pm.

The ceremony will be attended by a broad cross section of dignitaries and representatives of many organisations together with members of the Thai Sangha (monks) from Thailand, Europe and the UK.

The Temple is in fact a historic local house just outside the village on land previously owned by Lord Lichfield. The Temple was previously based in inner city Birmingham and an appeal has been launched to help raise the £800,000 that was needed to purchase the new building.

The Temple draws supporters from Thai and English communities in many parts of England. It has strong support in the West Midlands, Birmingham, Coventry, East Midlands, Nottingham, Loughborough, Derby.

Support from other Midland areas includes Northampton, Peterborough. Cambridge, Oxford and Milton Keynes, in addition, in Yorkshire it has supporters from Huddersfield, and Leeds; from Bournemouth, Bristol and London/South of England together with Manchester and Liverpool in the North West.

Supporters number approx. 1500 people in the UK and Europe – which includes the Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, Denmark and Norway.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Gett your butt out and start saving water!

The UK's Environment Agency estimate, as one example, that if we turn off the tap while brushing our teeth the individual saving would be approx 5 litres of water, and this assumes we brush our teeth for only an average of 1 minute. Not much you may think, but if every adult in the U.K. were to do the same, the saving would be 180 million litres a day, enough to supply nearly 500,000 homes!

Water... is anybody saving it ? We all know water conservation makes sense. So why aren't more people doing it ? That's the question the guys at have been asking and they've come up with the answers.

The leading environmental portal is offering advice and information on simple, cost efficient ways for everyone to make the most of the wet stuff. "Water is fundamental to our eco-system supporting plant, animal and human life. As our climate changes then conservation of water is likely to become an area where we all need to get involved," explains green & easy's co-founder David Smethurst.

"The good news is there are a number of simple steps we can take as individuals to save water, in fact some may seem so straightforward it's easy to think they won't make much of a difference. However, the concept of 'one to the power of many' could have a very powerful effect when it comes to water conservation."

From always waiting until your dishwasher is full to toilet flushing practices, the website is overflowing with simple tips on how to save water. For those wishing to take things further, a system to recycle grey water in the home can cost less than £20 and a cistern water saving device is just £15.

Water butts are probably one of the easiest ways to harvest rainwater and will certainly pay for themselves many times over - your garden will also be thanking you!

"There is often the misconception that being green isn't easy, especially in our fast paced world," continues David. "I challenge that and I challenge people to start making a difference and being more environmentally friendly in their everyday lives. Water conservation is a great place to start. It isn't radical and it isn't difficult. It's green - and easy!" was launched in August 2006 to promote and sell environmentally friendly products and provide simple steps to greener living. Co-founders David and Jackie Smethurst can be contacted on 0845 2570550 (in the UK) or via

Sunday, June 03, 2007

My wife, myself, the barbecue and the racist abuse aimed at us

We had a fascinating day, yesterday. We had been invited to a barbecue with a couple we are or were, friendly with.

He arrived an hour after he said he would (he always does, so we were expecting him to be late) but for some reason she decided to start up on him. She really ripped in to him and whilst we were sat, shocked, in their back garden, they continued the argument indoors.

Within seconds it had degenerated into a nasty physical fight, with both of them trading blows. We were then subject to a quick bout of racist abuse from him (he is a Sikh and she is white) and he advised that he "did not want f**king neighbours interfering in his business," and advised us to "f**k off" and he went on to refer to us as "white f**kers". This was especially and deeply offensive to my wife as her family originated in India before moving to Wales, so his remark was well out of order.

So, not unnaturally, we left.

An hour later he was round at our house, apologising, and inviting us round for the bloody barbecue! But he was unaware that we had heard his racist abuse. Actually, his racist outburst at me was hurtful, but it was my wife I felt for mostly, as he is fully aware that my wife is very proud of her Indian heritage.

From the attitude of his wife and of himself afterwards (you know what I mean by that, I am sure) it became clear that the fight was nothing but a charade! It would seem that she starts a fight, hits him, then goads him into hitting her, then they make up by rutting like goats!

Now, if they have the kind of sick relationship that believes that domestic violence is a normal and healthy part of a sexual relationship, then all I can say is: "Sorry, kids! No can do!"

I firmly believe that if a couple want to bash seven bells out of each other as part of a "loving" (sic) relationship, then that is their concern. However, I deeply, deeply resent a pair of arseholes trying to drag us into their sordid little dirty fantasy world.

I also have issues with this kind of behaviour interfering with the way the police deal with genuine cases of spousal abuse. After all, if the neighbours had dialed 999 and asked for the police to come, they would have found a happy, smiling (though scratched and bruised) couple. The police would have gone away, irritated that their time had been wasted.

But the next time they attend a report of spousal abuse they might not react as diligently as they might, remembering what had happened the last time they had received such a call. And a real victim of spousal abuse could be lying on the kitchen floor, dead, with a carving knife sticking out of their back.

Our friends (well, former friends?) quite clearly need counselling to help them understand that their behaviour is not normal, not safe and certainly is not appropriate. However, as they both seem firmly convinced that their behaviour is normal, then all the counselling in the world will not help them, and counselling is not an option for either of them, I would have thought.

The woman in the relationship whined to us recently that they do not seem able to keep friends. She blames it on the fact that they have a mixed relationship and that he drinks a lot. After their disgusting display yesterday, we suddenly realised that, in all probability, we are just the last in a long line of friends to suddenly realise what a sick pair of sad deviants they are...

Anyone else have weird 'friends' that make you go: "huhhhh?"