Sunday, September 02, 2012

Exciting time for Mormons. But should they be concerned?

It's an exciting time for Mormons, with the candidacy of Mitt Romney for President.

There are some Mormons who see the candidacy of Mitt Romney as a great opportunity for publicity, to show people that the Mormons are not, as the used to boast, a 'peculiar people' but are just as normal as everybody else.

But then Mitt Romney does something stupid like thinking that it is entirely appropriate to put a dog in a box on top of a car and scare the poor creature so much that it developed stress diarrhoea and fouled itself.

Now, there's an interesting question. If there is someone who, as an adult with a wife and children   is so mindbogglingly stupid as to believe it  is appropriate and proper to maltreat a dog in that manner, is that person a fit and proper person to be in the election for president, let alone the president?

After all, one would expect anyone who is the candidate for president to have intelligence, fellow-feel, knowledge and wisdom. All, one might surmise, singularly lacking in someone who could so badly mistreat a family pet.

So, is Mormon Mitt Romney a good candidate for president? I have very severe  doubts about this.

There are other things that are questionable about Mitt Romney, such as his ability to change his views with more rapidity and less thought than some people change their socks.

And the ability of Mitt Romney and his wife to reinvent themselves is questionable.Their claims of poverty in their early married lives have a hollow ring to them. As a wise man once said: "Poverty to some people is having less that a £1,000 in their bank account. To others poverty is about not having enough food for your family to eat." Some observers believe that he should not be call Mitt Romney but rather Myth Romney, such is his desire and ability to spin myths about his early life and alleged poverty.

Other Mormons are darkly muttering about: "the Constitution hanging like a thread" as they hark back to one of the prophecies that date back to the early days of the Mormon Church, which foretold of the time when the  Constitution of the USA would be "hanging by a thread" and the Mormon Church would have to step in and take over the governance of the USA. They believe that Mitt Romney is the man, the Mormon man, who can do this. Is it a coincidence that there have been reports that some Mormons are  reportedly hoarding food, water, ammunition and firearms? Perhaps not.

The Mormons were dangerous in 19th century America. With their block voting tricks and their raids on non-Mormons and the theft of their property  and the murders they committed, they became a source of fear and a hiss word throughout the land of America.

With a Mormon, Mitt Romney, as president, is it likely that similar circumstances will arise again? No. This is highly unlikely. However, this is not to say that should Mitt Romney become president, that some Mormons (those types doing all the hoarding) might not decide to help things along.

Also, it is possible that the US Secret Service might have to provide protection for Mitt Romney against potential attacks from disaffected Mormons on the margins of Mormonism, especially those in the more extreme parts of fundamentalist Mormonism.