Sunday, April 30, 2006

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Musings on Mormonism and is it really of Christ?

Why on earth did my parents have to join a stupid cult like the Mormon Church? Actually, I think I might know the answer to that one.

Only cults go door-to-door fishing for the lost, lonely and the bewildered. And they struck gold when the found my parents. Who were, indeed, lost, lonely and bewildered when discovered by the Mormon missionaries.

So, in reality, did my parents stand a chance of evading the clutches of the So called church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? Perhaps, then, the answer to that question is no?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints claims it is a Christian church. Why it MUST be a Christian church! Doesn’t it use the name of Jesus Christ in it’s name?

Well, yes, it does. But this proves nothing. There was a pretty nasty and evil street gang that called itself a Boy’s Sport Club. It never was a boys sports club. And likewise the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has never, actually, been a church of Jesus Christ, either.

Friday, April 28, 2006

What if something like THIS had happened?l

World Archaeology News:

April 2006 (c) World Archaeology Review:

A team of archaeologists from London University School of History and from the New York University Department of Antiquities and Archaeology have made what they describe as a “remarkable” archaeological discovery in New York State.

In a press statement professor Josh Petshim of London University said: “In some woods close to the small town of Manchester, in Ontario county, New York, a field walk found an area that had clearly been disturbed at some time in the past.

“We returned some days later and, with the permission of the owners of the land and, after undertaking magnetometer and ground radar geophysical surveys, established the size and nature of the disturbance.

“We dug a small exploratory trench and discovered areas of burning which we believed were associated with some form of furnace. “To our astonishment and after extensive further digging we became convinced that someone had created a crude type of metal smelting facility, there. Analysis of the nearby soil produced an unexpected result. We found significant traces of gold in the soil. It therefore became evident that someone had, at some time in the past, melted gold at the site.”

Professor Petshim went on to say: “Radio Carbon dating indicated that the work had been undertaken in a period of CE 1700 to CE 1900. Archeological finds in the area (several coins and a brass button) did narrow it down to the earlier part of the 19th century. We also found fragments of what could have been a stone box made from sandstone, which had been smashed to pieces.

“Careful and painstaking work in the area found a small fragment of thin gold sheet that had somehow been overlooked by whomever had worked the crude furnace. The fragment was sent for analysis at the Cambridge, England, Institute for Metallurgical Analysis. Experts there were of the opinion that the gold sheet was produced during antiquity, provisionally dating it at about 5,000 to 10,000 years old.

“After conservation work it was noticed that there were scratches on the fragment. Language expert Professor M. A. Smith has identified these as being in Sumerian Cuneiform. Professor M. A. Smith believes it to be part of a much larger document, written on beaten gold sheets, in order for it to be better preserved.

"It was possibly part of a royal proclamation of some kind. Speculation that it was some form of multi-page (for want of a better description) proclamation of the annexation of what is now modern America by a roving Sumerian adventurer can be neither supported or denied, due to the fact that this priceless archaeological artifact or artifacts was wantonly destroyed by the discoverer who only sought to realise the crude monetary value of the discovery.

“We can only speculate on who brought the gold sheets to America, for what purpose they brought them and what uncouth, uncultivated, uncultured creature destroyed this archaeological treasure.”

It is expected that, when funding is available, more work will be undertaken in the surrounding area.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My home brew beer is doing OK

My first batch of home brew beer is donig reasonably well. It is tasting good and should be fully "cask conditioned" within two weeks.

It is a dark bitter.

The only problem with it is that although the kitchen is the coolest place in the house, iy is still fairly warm in there, and that is making the barrel of beer create a head that is a little too big. Still, a big head is probably better than none.

I will let you know you the beer gets on. Sometimes being an ex-Mormon rocks! :o)

Monday, April 24, 2006

Mormonism = Moronism. Or, I can't believe my mother did this!

I am a reasonably successful journalist. I am deputy editor/sub-editor and featurer writer on four monthly magazines. And whilst I am not paid a great deal, I am certainly paid more than the average for the area in which I live. And my wife and I own our own house, which is a very nice show home on a new development.

So, why on Earth did my mother arrange for me to get a job working in Utah with the man who was the missionary instrumental in trapping them in Mormonism?

My mother and he thought that I would give up my career in journalism, my house and my wife and go and work for him putting in fitted kitchens. Whilst there is nothing wrong with fitting kitchens for a living my mother knows I am totally inept at such practical things.

You'd have to be a real Moron to think that would ever happen. Or a real Mormon. I sometimes wonder if there's that much of a difference...

I found this post and MUST share it!

Thank you Mormon Curtain and thank you, Tal!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

It seems there's a lot of it about!

The puppet of Gordon (animated version)

For the original visit

For the animated version visit

Animation provided by Budweiser, please note this animation will only last for 14 days.

Mormon trolls how to kick their butts

I had a Mormon troll. At first his emails were polite. But I had the feeling that it was a false politeness. How so? Because his attitude was oily and Unctuous. He was smarmy, creeping and almost grovelling in his attitude. Fans of Dickens will understand it when I say he was a regular Uriah Heap.

He “really, sincerely wanted to know why I had fallen away from the faith? In truth I had not fallen away form the faith I had, actually, parachuted away to safety from the crashing, burning wreck of Mormonism. He wittered on about "logic" rather a lot, though it became clear his concept of logic was somewhat "fluffy."

Well,” I thought, “if you really want to know why I stopped being a Mormon, I will tell you.” So I did. The following is the email that I sent him.

Hello, xxxx.

How I came to my decision about Mormonism not being true was not based on logic. No. It was based on prayer.

Many times I prayed aboutthe Mormon church, as Mormons are told to do in theBook of Mormon.

After many days of praying, I received a witness from God that the Mormon faith was not true.

I admit that this answer was not the one I expected,so it did come as something of a surprise to me (as you can suppose) but I made the change to being a Christian quite easily, all things considered.

As a Mormon I had to accept Joseph Smith as well as Jesus Christ. Now I only have to accept Jesus Christ. Which is, from a Christian standpoint, far more theologically sound.

Best wishes, Matt

XXXX did not like this. He did not like his one little bit! He sent me emails mocking me, and deriding what I had said.

He claimed: that: “I had never read the Book of Mormon.”

“That I had never even been baptised as a Mormon”

“Had never had a testimony”

and “had not prayed to God” and had “never attended seminary or institute.”

All of the above points were entirely untrue.

XXXX (I am not mentioning his name as he demanded that I pass his emails on to other ex-Mormons, and I decided I did not want him to have any publicity) could not really cope with the idea that if someone prayed (Moroni’s promise, is it?) they would not get the answer the Mormon church claims you will get, that the Mormon church is true.

I prayed and God told me it was not true. End of story, as we say in Britain.

But it was not end of story for XXXX. His emails became even more obnoxious and, in the end, I decided not to respond to them any longer as he was starting to get on my tits, to be honest. Life is far too short to allow fascist TBM idiots such as XXXX to have rent free room inside one’s head.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Did you know that the amazing first vision claim (when Joseph Smith claimed God and Jesus spoke to him, and told him not to join any church) was not actually made by Joseph smith until near 20 years after he said it happened? (18 years, to be exact)

Even though Smith later claimed that God had told him not to join any church, he actually joined the local Methodist Church?

Did you know Joseph Smith was found guilty of being a fraudulent psychic? He pretended to use a special magical seer stone to hunt for buried treasure.

Incidentally, the stone Joseph Smith used in his scam was the same stone he claimed to use to translate the Book Of Mormon.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Mormonism. Isn’t it about time families said NO?

Mormonism is not a family religion. Mormonism is, in reality, an anti-family. Religion. They split family members up, they keep parents in meetings away from their children.

Mormonism helps to make dysfunctional families. It is almost as if Mormonism was founded and operated by someone with vested interest in turning out dysfunctional families, damaged children and hurting adults.

Take my advice. Leave Mormonism. And find a church that is truly family friendly and not, as the Mormon church is, family hostile.

Monday, April 17, 2006

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“What Religion is God?” New book available

“What Religion is God?” clearly defines the difference between religion and free spirituality. This could become the standard text book to assist the world in the transition from being controlled through religion, to the new world of infinite spiritual potential. This book is timely!

In his first book, Harold James is direct in his approach to what is wrong about religion. It is his contention that we are what we think, and that many of the problems we are seeing in the world today are the inevitable result of a long history of oppressive religious programming.

“There is a hidden order to this Universe. Twenty-first century technology is revealing Intelligence at the subatomic level – Intelligence that everything in life seems to depend on for its own existence.

"This Intelligence is the Essence of life; It is God the Life Force. It has no agenda – no religion. Its sole purpose is to enable the human experience.

"Everything we are learning today through Quantum Physics is forcing us to look outside the controlling structure of the religious programming we have inherited from our forefathers. We can now prove through the use of science and technology that we are all connected and therefore, religious discrimination is wrong. After thousands of years we still choose to live with religious terrorism and violence…it is apparent that religion is not working.

"Our full spiritual potential is yet to be discovered, however we must first be prepared to consider other possibilities, which may include abandoning religion that promotes discrimination.”

There is a profusion of new spiritual thought being disseminated through the media today. Films like What Dreams May Come are supporting reincarnation and the fact that all things happen for a reason. New Age books on spirituality such as Conversations with God and Celestine Prophecy are being made into movies.

The theme among all of this information is consistent and bears an intuitive sense of truth, which is that we are here to think for ourselves, rather than to blindly follow religious leaders. “What Religion is God?” clearly defines the difference between religion and free spirituality.

Visit for details of this book.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Did Mormonism harm your health?

A first for my blog, Notamormon. This is a health related post.

Recently it has become obvious that I suffer from partial deafness and tinnitus. The tinnitus is especially bad in noisy environments. It is a high pitched whistle which sometimes has a low thrumming noise.

I began to wonder if some people who are/were Mormons might have tinnitus due to multiple baptisms for the dead? (As I only ever did an handful due to my fear and loathing of the Mormon temple, I would not expect that would be the cause of my problem,

But my wife noticed that after a large cup of coffee from Coffee Republic in Waterstone's bookshop, Birmingham (For Brummies, this is the one on the High Street, in the former Co-op building!) my hearing was better for quite a while.

Research shows niacin helps with some cases of tinnitus. Might coffee/caffine have the same effect? Another reason why Mormonism is bad for the health! If coffee can help alleviate the symptoms of tinnitus, no Mormon will ever benefit from this, which is rather sad...

To find out if you have a problem with your hearing, Siemens runs a free online hearing test. Which you will find at

It showed that I have a problem with my hearing, but not a severe one.

This board (for professional musicians) has a very useful thread on tinnitus

These next two links are for the British Tinnitus Association and the American Tinnitus Association

Please can you pass the address of this blog post on to friends and colleagues who have problems with their hearing? Trust me. As a sufferer, it is nice to know someone cares, that someone understands and knows what you are going through.

The address to pass on, please, is

It will be useful to non-Mormon suffers, too.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Blog link page now opened at RFM

Yes, the admin people at Recovery From Mormonism have already put up the first blogs on their blog list.

I think this is a bold and sensible idea which is a compromise. Doubtless some people wanted all blogs banned. (God knows why!) but admin decided to take the sensible option (put to them several weeks ago by a blogger) of creating a blog link page.

If you want to look at the blog link page on RFM you can access it direct at

If you would like your own blog to by listed you can find out how to list it by visiting

Friday, April 14, 2006

Why are blog links banned at RFM?

Why have links to blogs been banned on RFM? The truth is, I do not know. Although I can guess. A post by Eric on his board indicates that some gutless arsewipes have tried to advertise “things” (whatever they are or were) and were told they could not advertise them.

Eric does not want adverts on his site? That’s fine. After all, RFM is his site!

But these gutless arsewipes (G.A.s) noticed that some people (myself included) sometimes put up links to blogs.

Why did we do this? It was a way of ensuring that our posts were available on the Internet for more than the limited amount if time RFM can keep posts up before mass deleting them.

It also helped Eric because it kept his bandwidth requirements lower, thus reducing his running costs.

But the G.A.s did not like this. They saw it as advertising and decided to go for the “slash and burn” method of complaint. “If WE can’t advertise, then why should THEY?” They stamped their tiny little feet and held their breath until their faces turned blue. And Eric, by way of a compromise(!) decided to ban links to blogs.

Well, someone decided to implement this policy, whether with the permission or not of Eric is open to question. The current policy of providing a page of links to blogs is one of catch up” and hopefully will be helpful. Although not perfect.

If someone says: “I need help on point x” a blogger can say: “I have covered that in my blog. Here’s the link.” They’d then nip off site, read the blog post and then come back.

But now as the rules stand you can’t do that. Although you can repost the blog’s contents, on the board, but not the link, thus wasting bandwidth.

So the cool way that we could link to blogs, and zoom over to other people’s blogs has been stopped by some whining, contemptible G.A.s. Gosh. Sounds just like in the Mormon church!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Big Love trailers

Yes, here at Notamormon is the Big Love long trailer. Enjoy! (There is an advert before the trailer)

Big Love fan forum

Sunday, April 09, 2006

How many Mormons are there really?

12 million? 12 million active members?

I doubt it.

Many people suspect that the Mormon church lies about the membership lists. There are a variety of ways that it cheats and defrauds in this respect.

It counts people who attend once and are never seen again. It probably still counts the people who were tricked into membership during the infamous "basketball" scam on the late 1950s and early 1960s, and other similar scams.

And there are rumours of "rogue" missionary elders who used various tricks to bump up baptismal records without people even knowing that their names were being used.

It is suspected that it counts people who have resigned from the church or who were excomunicated for whatever reason.

And the fact that they count dead people as members, too. (Do they count everyone who has EVER being a Mormon in that 12 millon total figure?)

For every one of us ex-Mormons who have felt able to take that final step to actually resign our membership, there must be mant others who do not consider themselves as Mormons who would be scandalised to find out that the Mormon Church still very much thinks of them as being members of record.

I wondered how many people I know who have stopped being Mormons, yet who are still counted as Mormons by the Mormon church.

I know of at least 70 people in my former branch/ward who, although they would certainly not consider themselves as Mormons are still considered such by the Mormon Church.

How many former Mormons in the same situation do you know? It is possible that as I live in Britain, and, as such, outside Utah, that the ratio there (1 to 70) is higher than it would be in Utah.

But for the sake of debate, let's suppose that my experience is not unique. So, let's extrapolate those figures. for every 1,000 Mormons that take the step of resigning, there would be another 70,000 that would not consider themselves Mormons but would show up on the membership records of the Mormon church.

Does anyone know how many members have resigned? I doubt it. I would not be surpised to find out that the Mormon Church has the exact figures. Members of records, members who are "lapsed", dead, etc.

So the Mormon Church is full aware that the 12 million figure is a lie.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Home brewed beer

It is a long time since I did some home brew beer. I have prevously made cider, lager and some beer in a special brew bag. The brew bags were a doddle, but sadly they do not make them anymore.

But someone bought me a beer kit for Christmas, and I eventually bought a brewing barrel and a pressure barrel so that I can put the beer in it and keep it just right. Well, that's the plan, anyway!

It will be ready to put in the pressure barrel in about 8 days time. I'll let you know what happens!


Thanks all of you who have helped by suggesting other sites that I initially missed off my list. These were missed due to not remembering them or not being aware of them.

I have added several more to the list. Please check them out.

You have more? Please let m know!

By the way. If you are interested in cooking, do please check out which takes you to the wonderful and exciting world of Aga cookers, some of the best cookers and heaters in the world. Not only do they cook beautifully, they also heat your home, too. You can get models that work on gas, oil, solid fuel or are electric.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Ex-Mormon websites

If you have any other websites that you feel need to be added to this list, please email me at

Some of these websites are atheist, some Christian, others have no bias, one way or the other. (UK exmo board) (“Mormon” beer labels!) (Not exactly ex-mo, but good fun) (Shows how "different" Mormonism is...) (Melissa's Mormon Experience) (A link to buy an anti-Mormon book by Christian scholars, should you really want to buy it!) (Fun on the net!) (The Utah Baby Name website. If this doesn't put you off, what would?)