Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring is here!

The clocks in the UK and in Ireland went back last weekend. Spring Forward, Fall back is an easy way to remember what we should do with the clocks. (Incidentally, Fall was the original name for Autumn in the UK, but Fall (short for Leaf Fall) fell out of favour in the UK, but is still more common than Autumn in the USA. Which is good, because Fall is a very evocative word.)

Lighter evenings, and the typical March weather, high winds, sunny spells and a fair amount of rain. March, it is said, comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. And then? Why then we have April, which is known for the April showers. Mind you, never cast a clout 'til May is out is the saying. Clout meaning coat/garment, and cast to cast off, or remove said garment. It means you can get frosts until quite late on in the month of May.

Well, happy Spring, folks!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

That old passive aggression trick again

Is there someone in your life who likes to employ that old passive aggressive technique in order to goad you into an argument?

A sibling, partner, wife, husband, child, parent, employer, church leader, boss or co-worker?

They ask you apparently sweet and reasonable questions, try to help you by pointing out your many and varied faults: "I am really only doing this for your own good. You DO understand that, don't you?"

They also act like master magicians, employing techniques of misdirection and the verbal equivalent of prestidigitation that would make members of the Magic Circle gasp with admiration.

You also get blamed for things that are not your fault, and you are blamed for events that are beyond your control or totally outside your sphere of influence. This can often involve a masterful technique known as blame transfer. If X makes a mistake they often feel unable to take responsibility so they will blame the nearest person for that mistake.

"If YOU had not been standing there, I would not have dropped that bottle. Therefore even though I dropped the bottle it was your fault!"

"I had an argument with someone whilst I was out. I did not feel brave enough to call them on their bad behaviour. So somehow, and although this does not seem fair or logical, I will come home and foment an argument with you so that I can take out my anger and frustation on you!"

"Your brother/sister is special. You are not. I will make you the sacrificial goat aka whipping boy/girl so that the bad behaviour of your brother/sister will not go unpunished. It may seem unfair that your brother/sister gets away with their bad behaviour whilst you are unfairly punished, but that's just how things are, here. And, in years to come, when we have turned your brother/sister in to a monster, we will work out some passive-aggressive way of blaming YOU for that totally predictable turn of events, too."

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Are some Mormons jealous of ex-Mormons? Do they resent the fact that we are perceived, by them and their fellow Mormons, as being more free than they are?

That if we want to drink tea, coffee alcohol, or a decaffeinated drink, that we can do so, without breaking the somewhat weird word of wisdom?

Is that why? Readers, please tell me what you feel about this via the comment section of this blog. Thank you!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

An update on St Patrick's Day

Reader and online friend Alexis raised an interesting point. She wanted to know if Ireland celebrates St Patrick's Day in a similar way to America.

From what I can make out St Patrick's Day parades happen as bonding rituals outside of Ireland as a way for people of Irish decent to celebrate not only St Patrick's Day but to remember and celebrate their link with Ireland.

In Birmingham, my home town, there's a fairly big St Patrick's Day parade and much Guinness is drunk all over the UK in commemoration of the day. My wife is Catholic so it's a fairly big deal in our home. Though we often celebrate St Patrick's Day in the company of an atheist and her Sikh boyfriend!

In Ireland they look askance at things like dying beer and pet dogs green as I am led to believe sometimes happens in America. I think they take it a bit more as a serious religious festival, though do know how to party. As I know to my cost having had to help a very dear but sadly departed old Irish friend drink a large amount of wines, beers and spirits that she found in her cupboard. A couple of years ago we drank Champagne at least 40 years old with the price on it in Pounds, Shillings and Pence, the old currency not used since 1971 when we went decimal!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Yes, Happy Saint Patrick's Day to all the readers of my blog!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


What can one say? The situation in Japan is horrible. The Earth quake followed by the Tsunami and how many people dead and homeless?

And so many homeless people aching for the return of family members and little children sobbing because they'll never see their pet dog, cat, rabbit or guinea pig ever again. And yes, those things ARE important to children.

It seems that every country, even some of the poorest, are sending something, such is the horror at what has happened.

It's time to do whatever we can, no matter how small it might seem. I will be making a donation toward the weekend. It's a small thing that I can do, but apart from praying, there's very little else that can be done.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Why does Mormonism cause such pain and such confusion and problems?

Is it because it was founded in bad faith? Created as a way to generate income for Joseph Smith and his family and a group of key followers? And as a way to get them as much illicit sex as they wanted?

After all, how could something good come out of something that was rooted in something that was so base and immoral?

Saturday, March 05, 2011

We finally bought a Nintendo Wii!

Yes, we finally bought a Nintendo Wii!

As part of my wife's birthday present, we bought her the Wii Fit+ with the balance board. We used one of these several times at a friend's house and we liked it very much, so it was an easy buy for this year's birthday present for my wife!

She set it up this evening whilst I was entertaining out parrot in the study (she comes out of her parrot tower every evening for a couple of hours time with me, listening to Michael Jackson) when I came down later I had myself weighed by the Wii and I have lost some weight, I am 95kg, 15.5 stones.

I tried some of the exercises, but got on best with the freestyle stepping, doing 800 of these for the first time to see how it went. Well, I think!

We also played some tennis later (against the Wii) and my game is improving enough that I actually won some sets!

If you need exercise and can't be bothered with a gym, buy yourself a Wii, but get the balance board and the Wii Fit+ stuff. It means that you can get exercise, but without the expense of a gym membership that you probably -if you are like me!- would never seem to have enough time to go to attend the gym sessions.

But just switching your Wii on at home? Well, that's easy. Plus there's no need to waste time travelling to and from the gym!