Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Saw an Afro Caribbean missionary with his white companion

Just the other day. They were both young, serious-faced young men.

They were probably transferring somewhere (or one was) as they were going to catch a train.

I thought, for a fleeting moment, that I should ask him about how he felt about the racist history of the Mormon Church?

But I decided against it, because I thought: "I really do not want to get into a debate about this so early in the morning and I do not want to crush the poor fellows heart."

So I hurried on to the office (running late again, as usual!) and hoped that someday, he and his companion would know the truth. And be set free.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mitt didn't win. This is good for Mormons

How so? Because now they will not have to spend four years explaining what Mitt really meant or apologising for his bonkers and bizarre decisions as President.

Trust me on this one, Mormons. Far better to dream of the reality rather than suffer it in actuality.

Monday, November 05, 2012

More Exciting time for Mormons

Most Mormons are looking forward to the election of Mitt Romney. You know him, don't you? The fellow who thinks it perfectly appropriate for a dog to be stashed away like a piece of luggage on a car roof?

Well, soon the waiting will  be over and Mitt "I'll be your very own personal weathervane, please vote for me," Romney might be the president of the USA.

Or will Mr Obama keep the toughest job in the Western World?

Only time will tell.