Sunday, January 17, 2010

Why do they do it?

Why do Mormons think that ex-Mormons want to debate spurious points with them? I had my fill of debating spurious points with rabid Mormons when I was a Mormon!

For example, Mormons who are eager for the re-introduction of polygamy. Almost salivating at the prospect of having multiple wives. And this was in Britain, remember. Not in Utah with the various Mormon fundamentalist camps and compounds where polygamy is a sort of open secret. Or open sore, as some might see it. I saw the look on the faces of their poor wives. Not nice.

The problem that many Mormons have with ex-Mormons is that they do not believe anything that we say. They either pretend that we were never really Mormons, or, if we can provide them with proof that we were once Mormons like them (why should we have to?) they deny that we ever really had a testimony that Mormonism was the one true faith. Or that we were too weak to remain as Mormons, or wanted to sin or were offended by someone and left in a huff. Or were tricked by Satan.

If we provide them with hard evidence of why we conclude that Mormonism is not true, they call us liars and say that only faith promoting Mormon sources are 'true' and 'reliable'.

Thus they deny that -for example- the fact that the so-called Reformed Egyptian was, in reality, Ogham, a type of Latin shorthand is important, because feelings trump facts. Always.

If you say that blue is blue, they will deny it and say that you have no proof to back up your outrageous claim. Why would it be an outrageous claim? Because YOU made it! And as you are an ex-Mormon, then you MUST be wrong! QED!

It is a simple way of thinking that requires no thought.

As I have covered all variations of how Mormons think that ex-Mormons are always in the wrong, I do not feel inclined to accept any "You are wrong!" comments on this post from any Mormons. Hey. It's my blog. I can set the rules and if I do not want to enter into a pointless debate with people who automatically presume that I am wrong, then that's the way it is.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Mormon temple marriage policy under scrutiny

Hundreds of people are coming together from various countries and religious persuasions, to voice their objections to the leadership of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at its headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah regarding its divisive temple wedding policy in North America -and increasingly in other countries. Online discussion and debate on Mormon blogs have been ignited by a petition at the website where people may print off and sign an actual hard copy petition requesting Church leaders to seriously consider the damage to the church and individuals; hoping for a sign of compassion towards all those who are, have been and may still be affected.

The temple wedding policy creating such a storm, penalises LDS couples who choose a civil marriage outside of LDS temples with a mandatory one-year waiting period before they can attend the temple for the uniquely LDS temple sealing. Combining a marriage ceremony ‘until death do us part’ with the temple ‘sealing for eternity’ means that it must take place within the confines of an LDS temple to which anyone other than an adult, worthy, temple endowed Mormon is excluded.

Petition spokesperson Jean Bodie says petition participants are stating that the policy is not doctrinal because LDS couples are not penalized in other parts of the world where civil marriage is required by law. According to Bodie, personal accounts posted to the website tell how the policy results in pain and disharmony in family relationships, often resulting in anger toward the LDS Church. “For a worldwide Church that believes families are eternal, its exclusionary policy can and often does create a painful chasm, between family loyalty and obedience to an arbitrary policy, says Bodie.

Organisers anticipate that the leadership of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints wishes to promote love and harmony in the family. Bodie says they simply want the Church to waive the punitive, one-year waiting period; giving back to LDS couples the right to choose a civil marriage ceremony first, if they so desire, without any repercussions or judgment on their character.

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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

An interesting question: Were the first Mormons idiots?

Rubicon posed this very interesting question over at RFM.

Here are my thoughts on why so many people came from England, Wales, Scotland and Scandinavia:-

Look at it from their point of view. Many of them were craftsmen. But they were not always paid what they were due. In Britain they lived in small, damp and cold terraced houses, often very close to the factory where they worked. If the womenfolk put the washing out on a washing line strung up in the back yard or over the alley at the back of the houses, the pollution would make it dirtier than before it was washed.

They were fed stories of the rolling pastures of Utah, how you could have as much land as you wanted, how the weather was nice and the air was pure. And would make your child with the chest condition breathe good, wholesome, clean air for the first time in its miserable life.

It is surprising that more did not accompany them.

And when they found out the awful, terrible truth?

Why, there was Sister Snitch and Bother Tittle-Tattle ready to carry tales back and then there was Brother Danite ready to make sure they toed the line!

Well, you wouldn't want to just vanish like that Scandinavian troublemaker who left a wife and three children to starve under the malevolent eye of Brother Brigham, prophet, seer and revelator, would you?

And as luck would have it, Brother Brigham had a close confidant of his marry the beautiful blond woman for himself. Joining his 12 other bitter, resentful older wives.

What's that? She's... You don't think she is officially a widow? Well, hush! If the Lord's anointed has ordained the wedding, then please say it must be so! Don't question it, for pities sake! Least you want to take the walk into the night with the Danite Brethren!

They were not idiots. The were given the hard sell and then were too terrified to be able to do anything about it.