Saturday, February 26, 2011

The situation in New Zealand

The situation in New Zealand is dreadful and my heart goes out to the people in Christchurch who are suffering so dreadfully.

Has anyone set up a fund for offering financial help? If so, please leave a comment containing these details. Thank you.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Oedd Mormonism gwneud gelwyddog allan o chi?

Oedd Mormonism gwneud gelwyddog allan o chi?

Wyf wedi gweld pobl a ddaeth yn Mormons fel gweddus, gonest bodau dynol yn dod yn gelwyddog. Nid yw'n dros nos, mae'n cymryd amser, ond mae hynny'n digwydd.

Mae'n dechrau gyda llaeth o'r blaen cig, ond mae hyn yn aml fel esgus i ddweud yn gorwedd amlwg i bobl.

Er enghraifft, Mormons wedi gofyn Mormons eraill: "Ydyn nhw'n wisgo i fyny mewn gwisgoedd y deml LDS?"

Bydd yr ateb fel arfer yn cael ei "na!" Pa un yw, wrth gwrs, yn gelwydd.

You will notice that the above post in in Welsh. This is because my family originates in Wales and I want to say something in the language of my ancestors. Sadly the last person in my family with any Welsh was my late grandmother, so I have used Google Translate to translate this post into Welsh.

It is a translation of the previous post.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Did Mormonism make a liar out of you?

Did Mormonism make a liar out of you?

I have seen people who became Mormons as decent, honest human beings become liars. It's not overnight, it takes time, but it does happen.

It starts out with milk before meat, but this is often used as an excuse to tell blatant lies to people.

For example, Mormons have been asked by other Mormons: "Do they dress up in costumes the LDS temple?"

The answer will usually be "no!" Which is, of course, a lie.

Friday, February 04, 2011

The weather

Well, it's 2.52am and we are not sleeping. Due to the storm force winds that are battering our house.

The storm force winds that the Met Office forgot to tell us about until 24 hours AFTER they started.

I am not amused by their ineptitude. Perhaps if they spent more time predicting the weather than running computer models of global warming, they might be able to do a better job?