Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Bag Tea, Facts and Fiction, conversation with Master Wu.

Are teas bags the same as loose teas?

Why not?
Teas are a generic name that is given to any form of herbs, or leaves in multiple forms, and processing conditions. The key element is which are the, really good leaves? Which ones can deliver the especial flavour, aroma? Which one can provide the nutrients and natural elements that will benefit the health and well-being?

So how can one go about and choose the best tea?
Easy, follow the three steps;
1. Buy Teas that are closer to its natural form as possible
2. Buy Teas which have no manufactured or industrial process involved.
3. Buy teas, which are pure, with no added flavours or gimmicks to look or taste different from its original form.

Its like eating an apple from the tree ; the purest, the fresher and without any additives , it’s the best one as far as taste and nutrition. Teas are no different.

So how Tea bags and Loose Teas compare to the three steps to a good cup?
Bag teas, are cooked, crushed, and mixed with all sorts of additives and most of the time through an industrial process, which really means that this drink is really far from what I would consider, real Tea. If one just give it a try, anyone will notice that one is aromatised processed herbs, while loose teas, you can see, smell and taste what you are drinking; Not to mention the wealth of great nutritional health benefits that only Tea, in its pure form can provide.

When we go to the shop, how can we find the good organic pure Tea?
The word organic is rather confusing since the definition has now been so much altered that leaves the consumer at loss as far as the quality of the Tea is concern. The best way is to try to find the simpler and the most natural leaves that one can find. Labels can be highly deceiving so one must look to what it is inside the box not in what it’s written outside. Let the Tea speak to your mind and body, and then you will know.

Master Wu

New website launched to help parents in custody fights with Jehovah's Witnesses

A website has been launched to Assist in Child Custody Disputes

It is cliamed that within Jehovah’s Witnesses 90% of 1,000 Custody Cases fought Each Year are Lost Due to Manipulation of the Legal System .

A new organization has been launched to assist parents in custody disputes with Jehovah’s Witnesses. William H. Bowen founder of silentlambs, inc. is working with key experts to provide legal strategies to assist law firms in winning child custody disputes with Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Associates with JW child custody have over 86 years experience as active Jehovah’s Witnesses and have served in key positions throughout the organization. Their experience will be used to assist caring parents to protect their children from cult mind control.

It is estimated that over 130 Jehovah’s Witness children die each year due to the religion’s application of religious doctrine to health care. Children are alienated from their non-JW parents and family as well as isolated from society due to mind control use of church doctrine.

“We feel this is a long overdue service for parents that wish to give their children a normal life,” states William H. Bowen. “At silentlambs we protected children from sexual abuse, now we can expand that work to help kids have a happier future.”

JW Child Custody will offer expanded services to assist attorneys with legal consulting for a variety of issues surrounding Jehovah’s Witness legal entity “Watchtower.” They will also have a “Child Custody Packet” to educate parents and attorneys in preparing for custody cases. Recent cases involve such issues as wrongful death and tax evasion.

Bowen states, “Due our detailed knowledge of the inner workings of Watchtower we can enable litigants to overcome the practice of ‘Theocratic Warfare,’ which is perjury approved by God according to Jehovah’s Witness doctrine.” (see JW Child Custody Booklet) The website offers a toll free number to set up a free consultation as well as email correspondence for specific legal issues.

(NOTE: I wonder if it would be useful for ex-Mormon lawyers to create a similar service for ex-Mormon and never-Mormon parents and family members?)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

A service the Mormon church will NEVER use!

Recent studies show that sexual offenders are turning to God in increasing numbers and attending church in secret; "Keeping Kids Safe Ministries" ( is helping churches discern who is attending church for the right or wrong reasons.

Here are some hard-core facts regarding sexual offenders:

Registered offenders attend church to worship and spirituality is part of their recovery. * Non-convicted offenders are turning to God in desperation to quit their sin before they are discovered.

Churchgoing men who are in secret sexual sin are going deeper and darker into sin, leading to sexual crimes, followed by shame, guilt, and a temporary return to God.

In an effort to deal with sexual offenders who have turned to God, two therapists, Greg Sporer and Steve Vann, quit their jobs to develop "Keeping Kids Safe Ministries."

"Neither of us could sit idle with the knowledge that sexual offenders may be attending church for the wrong reasons," Sporer said. Sporer worked in prison sexual offender treatment programs and Vann was employed as a treatment provider for adolescent offenders. Both men are concerned about children's safety.

They now use their 40,000 hours of combined experience working with sexual offenders to keep kids safe at churches. They have biblical solutions to deal with offenders who attend church for the right or wrong reasons.

According to Vann, God offers forgiveness for all sinners including offenders. He explains that it is good news that offenders are turning to God; however, the bad news is that most church leaders are not prepared for the increase in offenders who worship at church or the church members who are there to offend children.

Sporer, who has specialised in church sexual offenders since 1989, believes that churchgoers continue to be naive about their own church members - most church sexual abuse cases involve members of their church.

Some churchgoers will witness suspicious behaviors, but not report it because the behaviors do not match up with their perceptions of a sexual offender. Church offenders display Christian character, and are often married, and use their spotless criminal record to gain positions working with kids. So, are churches defenseless with hidden sexual offenders in their congregation? "Absolutely not," Vann said. "Church sexual abuse is preventable. All church offenders have two weaknesses that are on display prior to any offense: boundary violations with a teen or child; and suspicious behaviors."

Vann continues that it is too risky for a hidden church offender to stay in a church that is skilled in dealing with boundary violations and suspicious behaviors. "Keeping Kids Safe Ministries" invests in church leaders and church youth workers to create an environment where an offender's behavior is questioned and dealt with appropriately.

The ministry has a team of experts who help churches better discern which offenders are praying to God or preying on kids. They assign a professional with years of experience working with sexual offenders to churches to enable them to better deal with problem situations before children are harmed.

Both Sporer and Vann are passionate about serving church leaders so all kids can be safe at church. For more information about this important ministry visit:

Saturday, March 17, 2007

New online green news magazine now published

The That’s News organisation in association with AFJ Media Services and MelaMedia have launched a new online magazine called That’s Green.

A spokesman said: “The new channel is aimed at complementing our range of other online magazines. We are very aware that green issues and the environment are a major concern for most people these days, and we want to do our bit to ensure that green issues and environmental stories are given the prominence that they so rightly deserve.”

He went on to say: “We will cover a wide range of issues, from new, greener heating systems for domestic and commercial use, new green technologies and green campaign groups, That’s Green will bring you the environmental and green news that matters, news that will help keep you up-to-speed and aware of what is happening.”

You can either reach That’s Green direct at, or via the Thatsnews portal at

That’s News now publishes nine different news channels from books to entertainment, from business news to construction, from food and drink to health, from the environment to education.

Monday, March 12, 2007

New film about Mormons set in London

Piccadilly Cowboy Rides In with Special Screening

A new romantic comedy, ‘Piccadilly Cowboy’ (, will be given a special screening in London on Saturday ahead of this month’s release in the United States. The 100 minute film has been shot on location in London and the Scottish Highlands on a budget of less than £300,000, by Utah based Ford Films (

The screening of ‘Piccadilly Cowboy’, which will take place at 6pm on Saturday, March 17, at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts’ Princess Anne Theatre, 195 Piccadilly, London, WIJ 9LN.

‘Piccadilly Cowboy’ is a classic ‘fish out of water’ romantic comedy about a Montana cowboy, living in London, who can’t marry the girl he falls in love with until he first finds a suitable husband for her older sister.

Jaelan Petrie plays Carson Wells, the 30-year-old who has never been a real ladies’ man until his cowboy hat, boots and American charm win the heart of beautiful British girl Lucy Armstrong (Kate Foster-Barnes). Everything seems to be going well for Carson in the big smoke, and after three months of dating he asks Lucy’s grandfather, Mr Armstrong (James Greene), for her hand in marriage.

The unexpected reply is that he must first find a husband for Lucy’s older sister, Gemma (Sophie Shaw). While finding her a potential mate, Carson’s life changes for ever… ‘Piccadilly Cowboy’ will be released in Salt Lake City, Utah, this month. It has been directed, produced and co-written by Mormon filmmaker Tyler Ford, who started the project after graduating from the London Film School in 2004.

“I wanted ‘Piccadilly Cowboy’ to be light-hearted, and watchable, and I hope cinema-goers will find it an entertaining alternative to the kind of violent gangster movies a lot of British filmmakers seem to be preoccupied with,” says Ford.

“As an independent production. we were able to get some great discounts on London services and equipment hire, enabling us to shoot this film on a budget of less than £300,000. Although it was a struggle at times, I’m extremely happy with the film, and confident it will be well received.”

‘Piccadilly Cowboy’ was shot on high definition video at 3 Mills Studios, in East London, as well as on location in the capital and in Scotland. Ford recruited Daniel Shantakumar, a fellow Mormon from Utah, to act as executive director.

It is the first film to be made in England with Mormons as the main characters since ‘Trapped by the Mormons’ was made 1922, and the filmmakers hope to find their core audience in the mountainous US States around Utah. Jaelan Petrie has previously starred in ‘Handcart’, and James Greene was in both ‘Empire of the Sun’ and ‘Johnny English’.

Other principal cast members include Gwyneth Powell (‘Back to the Secret Garden’, ‘Face of Darkness’), Tom Butcher (TV’s ‘Doctors’ and ‘The Bill’), Dermot Keaney (‘Pirates of the Caribbean 2’ and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 3’), Sophie Shaw, and Kate Foster-Barnes.

The film was shot by English director of photography Gareth Pritchard, and casting director was Lucy Jenkins. ‘Piccadilly Cowboy’ features music by Alan Hawkshaw, who was nominated for a ‘Best Drama Score’ BAFTA for the TV series ‘Love Hurts’, and awarded ‘Best Arrangement’ by the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for ‘I Honestly Love You’. A re-recording of the song, originally sung by Olivia Newton-John, was produced for ‘Piccadilly Cowboy’. Hawkshaw’s ‘Move, Move, Move’ featured in ‘Nacho Libre’, and was on the soundtrack.

Ford Films is an independent production company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company was launched in 2005 to develop and produce high-quality and commercially viable productions for film and television. It recently completed ‘Piccadilly Cowboy’, its first feature film. Ford Films 8415 South Colene Drive Sandy Utah 84094 USA Tel:+ 801-674-9591

You might also like to check out the following links to the film that the producers proudly mention, Trapped by the Mormons (a UK-made anti-Mormon film from 1922)

Nobody seems to have told Ford Films that in Britain a Piccadilly Cowboy has another meaning. fortunately nothing too distasteful. A member of the British Household Cavalry is referred to as a Piccadilly Cowboy.

Incidentally a remake of Trapped by the Mormons has been made. But for some reason the producers decided to have an undead Zombie Joseph Smith strutting his funky stuff which was certainly NOT found in the original film. Although maybe it should have been...

It seems that Cherry Red, an experimental theatre group, makers of the remake (whew! THAT was clumsy done by yours truly!) were responsible for other such exciting and interesting projects as: "Cannibal Cheerleaders on Crack" and "Baked Baby".

You can link to the remaked film at

And for those of you who have not seen the Ausie Atheist John Saffren, you can find his film/movie/programme/program at

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Why the Mormon Church will NEVER admit Brigham Young was wrong!

There's a simple reason why the Mormon Church (Utah offshoot) will never, ever admit that Brigham Young was in the wrong, about anything, ever.

If they admit that Young introduced and practiced the evil blood atonement doctrine (and that people were subjected to what amounted to ritualistic killing for "crimes" like having a Mormon leader covert your wife and or goods) and admitted that Young ordered and covered up the Mountain Meadows Massacre, and that he made millions of Dollars by ripping off the handcart pioneers, and that he ordered and covered up the murder of dozens of outsiders in case they might be government spies and that he almost certainly 'stole' the presidency of the Mormon Church, tThey would then have to admit that Young was not only a "fallen prophet" but that he stole the leadership by subterfuge and criminal acts.

So, therefore in admitting that Brigham Young was not the rightful successor to Joseph Smith, they would have to acknowledge that the RLDS (or one of the other offshoots) was the rightful successor to Joseph Smith.

That will not happen anytime soon. Although I suppose there is a Small chance that such a rapprochement might occur some time within the next 50 years, though this does very muh depend on how the Utah Mormon leaders react and if they can take the majority of the people with them. Some diehard Utah Mormons wold probably seek out the polygamous sects to join.