Monday, December 28, 2009

Mormonism: How stupid do they think people are?

The answer is they hope people are very stupid indeed.

Everyone who uses multilevel marketing techniques to sell either a product or a way of life must really hate the Internet.

For out there on the internet you will find sites both for and against (for example): Amway, Noni Juice, Nu Skin, Mary Kay, Nature’s Sunshine Products, Herbalife, Nutra-Smart, XanGo, Living Scriptures, 4Life Research, NSA, Pharmanex, Quixtar, Shaklee, Covey, Kirby, Unicity International, USANA Health Sciences, Inc., Mormonism, etc., etc.

Some of the sites are purely bonkers with criticism that is unfair or based on a misunderstanding with someone. Others. however, have very valid and genuine criticism of the firm or organisation concerned.

The Mormon Church, however, is one of the few that actually warn people not toseek out critical information on it! To many people, this is the red rag to the bull. "If you don't want me to find out some information, then there's a reason why." And people use the Internet and discover websites like this one, or Recovery From Mormonism and the like.

Prospects (yes, Mormonism uses American Insurance sales terms for people thinking about joining their church) can see how many women (married and single) Joseph Smith had as 'wives' what the Danites were, which modern LDS leaders thought it better that a young lady allow herself to be murdered rather than raped and other such gems of LDS wisdom.

Many decline to join such a church. Or, if they do, keep their wits about them and bale out as soon as the nutty ways of Mormonism become all too apparent.

And that is why the Mormon Church doesn't want you on the Internet, researching all about the Mormon Church. No salesman wants to lose a prospect, do they?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Exmo Challenge. Make your own exmo TV advert!

MJ over at RFM inspired me.

The challenge is this:-

Make an exmo TV advert. It can be up to 2 minutes in length and should put a humorous take on the exmo experience and how much better life is as an exmo.

Publish it on your Youtube Channel and send me the link (matt underscore exmo at and I'll publish them here on Notamormon.

Let's say until the end of November.

There are no prizes, but it should be fun.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Atheist Summer Camp for UK kids?

“The idea behind the camp is to give a "godless" alternative to traditional religious summer camps”

Actually, this is a strange idea. As ANY summer camps in Britain (religious or otherwise) are very, very rare indeed.

Still, it is an interesting idea.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Weird Mormon stories

“Mormon proprietor tastes alcohol without swallowing”

(EDITOR: Just stop serving booze!)

“LDS Leaders strive to help foreign members feel comfortable in a historically America-centric religion”

(EDITOR: Stop pretending everywhere in the world is downtown SLC, you idiots!)

“Park said Parley Pratt helped articulate the Mormons' "radically optimistic" view of the body. This view developed as doctrines were revealed by Joseph Smith and then explained by Pratt”

(EDITOR: Oh, yeah! Boffing other men's wives!)

Monday, June 01, 2009

Prayers from the Vedas

I found this by an act of serendipity, so thought I should share it with you:-

Monday, May 04, 2009

Lack of recent posts. sorry!

There has been a lack of recent posts on Notamormon. I am sorry about this, but I have been very heavily involved in covering a major political scandal that reaches right to the very top of the government of Britain.

Just Google Derek Draper and Damian McBride (and the terms Drapergate and Smeargate) to see what has being happening! Or take a look at the following Wikipedia entry:-

Derek Draper Wkipedia entry

And now for some Mormon related stuff:

“Antigay Group Hiding Mormon Cash?”

Former white supremacist turns over new leaf (He got married in the Mormon temple and is nw no longer racist, but pro-white! (I can't decide if I should laugh or puke. Maybe I'll do both...)

“Calendars feature Mormon men, moms”

(Mormon Moms? Chad describes them as “Mormon Muffins.” (A whole new meaning to the acronym MILF, perhaps? Mind you in the British Isles Muffin might have a different meaning to whatever Chad has in mind over in the USA. “A good Muffin” is, oh, well, I am sure you need no further explanation!)

The Mormon who authorised torture. And the Mormon who refused to torture.

Judge Bars Divorced Man from Taking His Kids to Mormon Services

(Good. Though the idiot who write this story doesn't think so. Is she a Mormon, too?)

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Mormonism in the News: A very irregular look at Mormonism in the news

Mormon Hatred of Gays Rebuked at the Oscars

Massacre descendants sewing things up

Woman's suit alleges abuse by Mormon priest (sic)

“To whom it may concern,

My name is Susan Pollak. Even though I am not a homosexual I can truly understand the homosexual communities frustration towards the Mormons and Prop 8. I was in a relationship with a Mormon. When I chose to break it off due to the the extreme domestic abuse by the father against me the Mormons preceded to take my custody rights away from me for breaking up a “Mormon family”.”

Non-fiction work reads like true crime novel Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer

“Ever since Proposition 8 passed last November, leaders involved with the No on 8 campaign have insisted they were unaware of the role of the Mormon Church in trying to eliminate same-sex marriage rights. No on 8 officials were also caught unaware until after campaign finance reports released last October showed that proponents of Prop 8 received a windfall of contributions from members of the Mormon Church.

But documents unearthed by the Bay Area Reporter show that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has had a consistent strategy to fight same-sex marriage that dates back more than two decades.”

“France: Kolob Order blends Mormonism and Freemasonry”

“LDS Church defender compares Dallas Voice to Hitler”

“Mormons reverse plans to build temple near Marian shrine in Honduras”

“Creep of the Week: Chris Buttars”

Democrats Seek More Censure For Anti-Gay Senator Buttars

“[A possible future trade off-- gay marriage for polygamy?]

Mormon Church members are brainwashed to believe that the leader of the church, currently a gentleman by the name of Thomas Sterling Monson, is in daily touch with god, who guides and directs the church through him.”

I think that's enough reports for the moment. There will be another in this series at some point in the (distant) future.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Mormonism takes

Mormonism takes a great deal, but gives very little in return. Because every time I visited my mother I got loads of guilt heaped on my head ("Get your fresh guilt here! Fresh guilt! Get your fresh guilt here!") that made me resent going to see her. What stopped me going to see her were the silly lies she told people about my girlfriend who is now my wife.

Apparently my wife made me give up Mormonism. This only works in my mother's head. The maths are simple. I left Mormonism in 1981, I met my wife-to-be in 1989. Doesn't add up, does it?

However, I recently started going over to see my mother again. At my wife's insistence, I have to add. And things are pretty cool at the moment...

No guilt trips round the bay, no attacks on my wife.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

New posting, no Veil

Well, here I am with a new posting, first one in a while.

There's no Carnival of the Veil at present, as nobody has made any posts on their blogs, either. Well, at least, nobody has sent any posts to me for inclusion in the latest COV, which may or may not be the same thing.

At the moment I am being entertained (for want of a better word) by one of the illegal lodgers at the house that is rented out next door. Why not move? Well, that's not possible at the moment, as we own our house and current market conditions are against putting our house up for sale.

The man who rents the house and his wife are lovely people, but she has just lost her job, so they have decided to take in lodgers (without the permission of the owner of their house) in order to be able to make the rent which is £650 per month. So we can understand why they have done it. Though it is a pity they have allowed one person who rents a room to bring their megga-powerful sound system.

We (that is, my wife and I) believe this will all end in tears, as the young woman concerned seems to move from house to house in the small town we live in. And she has a reputation for laving her last home with stuff that does not belong to her. Though we can't say anything, as these are rumours only.

I have been very busy lately. One of the reasons why there have been no posts on this blog in a while. The company I work for in my day job has decided to slash the use of freelance contributors, meaning that much of the work the freelance writers did has now fallen on my shoulders. And we had no pay rise last year and no Christmas bonus, either. And two of the firm's support staff (one admin, one in accounts) have been let go due to the way the magazine publishing industry has been hit so very hard in the UK.

I have also being working hard in the evenings trying to make money from my websites and freelance writing. Sometimes I do not finish until 1 or even 2am, and have to get up for work at 7.15am, for another day of writing. You have to do what you have to do in order to survive. My wife works, even though her health is not too good. She has arthritis.

Well, at least I am not in the position of all the Mormons I know. They have to pay 10% of their income to the corporate church. That's £1 in every £10 that they earn.