Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Mormonism and the Stockholm Syndrome

On RFM the other day, someone posed this question: “Ok, to be fair, what's something nice that happened while TBM?”

This supposes that there is a reason why we should be “fair” to the Mormon Church. I know of no reason why anyone should want to be “fair” to the Mormon Church.

The desire to look back and try to spot some positive element of Mormonism is something that I would suppose almost every ex-Mormon is “guilty” of at one time or another. I know I was guilty of this. Until I decided to take ownership of my own life.

I believe that this desire to look for good, positive effects that Mormonism might have had on our life is like a sort of modified Stockholm Syndrome. We were, in effect, kidnapped by Mormonism and held hostage by it.

Over time, like the original Stockholm Syndrome victims, we came to rely on our kidnappers for everything, even for small acts of kindness which we came to look upon as examples of how much they loved us and how much they held us in high regard. When in truth the Mormon Church held us hostage.


The Sinister Porpoise said...

One of the reasons I was reluctant to attack it was because of that stupid expression, "You can leave the church, but you can't leave it alone."

An early lifetime spent in Mormonism does not give one what one needs to lead a normal life down the road, unless one lives in Utah.

kaiwik said...

There were a lot of "nice" things which happened while I was very active in the church. However, they were all the same as the kind of "nice" things which I have experienced in similar circumstances during the decades since I left the church. The fact that I was mormon at the time doesn't play into it. I had no experience rooted in the church doctrine which was either a neutral, disapointing or even unpleasant experience.