Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Turn to Tea for a New Year health kick

New Year will see people turning to tea for their post Christmas detox, if past trends continue, says the UK’s favourite tea producer.

Last year sales in green teas rose by around 40% and fruit and herbal sales rose by almost 15% during January reflecting the trend for healthy New Year resolutions. Ray Duffin, Marketing Controller, from the nation’s favourite tea producer Tetley says, “At this time of year people are thinking about their healthand wanting to choose a resolution which is easy to stick to and packed full of health benefits. Tetley Green teas can help you ease into your new regime as they are packed with goodness and a great way to kick off a healthy new year.

“Consumers in the UK are beginning to recognise the important health benefits of green tea. Tetley green teas are as hydrating as water, naturally rich in antioxidants and are a natural source of theanine. Early research suggests that antioxidants may help maintain the body’s defence systems and suggests that theanine may create a feeling of relaxation and alertness at the same time. This makes green teas from Tetley the perfect accompaniment to a healthy regime, particularly during the New Year.”

Tetley Green Tea Pure is made from only the best quality leaves and uses the gentle process of steaming to produce a tea that has a smooth and round flavour unlike the harsh taste consumers associate with other green teas.

Tetley has a green tea blend for everyone – apart from Green Tea Pure, there are three other varieties – Green Tea Lemon, Green Tea Decaf and Green Tea Mint.

Tetley also makes fruit and herbal teas which are in fact infusions, rather than tea, as they are produced from flowers, fruits, herbs and spices. They are naturally caffeine free and are traditionally believed to have added benefits, such as Tetley Peppermint Punch which is thought to aid digestion.

Tetley has a large variety of fruit and herbal teas ranging from the more traditional infusions of camomile and summer berry to the exotic tastes of lemon tangerine, redbush & vanilla and blackberry.

“We welcome the sales boost to newer varieties in the new year but know that all teas are ultimately healthy which is good news for Tetley tea drinkers,” Duffin concludes.

Tetley's green teas (99p for 25 bag pack) and fruit and herbal infusions (79p for a 20 bag pack) are available from larger branches of Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda and Morrison's. All are packaged in Tetley’s unique stay fresh resealable canisters which ensure that the last bag of Tetley
remains as fresh as the first.

Overview of Britain's favourite tea maker Tetley is the biggest manufacturer and distributor of tea in the UK. It is the nation’s favourite tea brand with a 28% volume share of the total tea market, and its tea bags are regularly bought by about every third household in the UK.

Tetley has a range of Green, Fruit & Herbal and Speciality teas along with black teas including Decaf, Organic and Extra Strong. With a range of teas to suit every taste, Tetley is well placed to consolidate its place as Britain's favourite tea maker. Tetley really is ‘Everyone’s cup of tea’.

Tea (especially Green Tea) is also becoming increasingly popular in the USA, due to the ongoing research into the health-giving properties of both ordinary black tea and Green Tea.

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