Friday, January 12, 2007

Could You Be Psychic?

Ever wondered why a place seems familiar or you think you have been there before? Do you sometimes get the sensation of knowing what’s about to happen next? Well you are not alone; you are probably just more in tune with your psychic powers or are one of the many thousands of people in the world who have extraordinary sensitivities to spiritual energies.

Sound a bit like hocus-pocus to you? Well, read on. Nowadays everybody seems to be looking for some kind of direction and many of us are tapping into our spiritual side to try and find peace, happiness and guidance in life.

It is fair to assume that we all have some level of psychic intuition but that some people are far more accepting of it and embrace these extraordinary powers. Those of us who use these skills carefully and wisely can help others in many ways such as giving reassurance, finding love, helping with the death of a loved one, or simply giving guidance in difficult times.

Spirit guides have been reported since the year dot, and have found mainstream acceptance through many religions, including Christianity.

Using their psychic abilities, mediums, clairvoyants, mystics and spirit guides have helped
thousands and thousands of people over the years, in everyday life and in times of great troubles. World Leaders, Famous Actors, Politicians and Sports Stars have all benefited from spiritual guidance of some kind.

In fact the term clairvoyance is a French word that literally translates as ‘clear seeing’ and this is exactly what mystics and mediums can help us to achieve. One of the UK’s leading mystics Paul Perris discovered his powers as a medium early in life at the age of 4 when he clearly witnessed the spirit of his deceased Grandfather sitting on his own coffin. From then on his
links with the spirit world developed and now Paul spends his life helping others by harnessing his energies and passing on messages from the spirit world.

“It is part of everything I do. Sometimes things can be distressing but mostly my work is of a positive and healing nature. If you have these natural skills why not try and use them? If you are meant to be a medium, at some point in your life you must accept your role and learn to love it.”

So next time you walk a familiar path or recognise something rather peculiar in an as yet unvisited place, take a step back and dwell on it for a moment - maybe there is more to you than meets the eye…

Paul Perris is one of the UK’s leading mediums and runs a team of mystics and mediums offering guidance on life, love, loss and career.

Of course, it might just be coincidence...


Sister Mary Lisa said...

So have you ever contacted anyone with these powers? What was it like? My mom visits a medium regularly. She swears by it. I'm not so sure.

Matt said...

I have never contacted anyone with such powers.

Though I DO know people who have some psychic abilities. Some who have a LOT of psychic abilities.