Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Celebrate the ' Year of the Pig ' with Tetley Green Tea!

On 18 February, 1.3 billion people in China and around 160,000 Chinese residents in the UK begin a 15-day celebration of Chinese New Year.

A truly global celebration, Chinese NewYear includes many centuries-old customs. Red envelopes containing money are given to unmarried adults and children and there is the ritualistic serving of green tea on the ninth day to pay respect to an honoured person.

But there is also more widespread drinking of green tea throughout the celebrations (and, of course, throughout the year), making New Year's drinks a rather healthier option in China than they tend to be in the UK!

And now you can join in the celebrations and welcome the 'Year of the Pig 'with a cup of authentic Tetley Green Tea. With leaves gently steamed to preserve the delicate flavour of the Camellia Sinensis plant it comes from,Tetley Green Tea gives a great taste of this ancient Chinese tradition.

Tetley green teas are naturally rich in antioxidants, hydrating like waterand without any calories or fat whatsoever. If you want to extend your New Year celebrations, remember there are fourdifferent varieties from Tetley to try.

As well as Green Tea Pure, thereis Tetley Green Lemon which is a perfect pick me up, Tetley Green Mint with extra zest thanks to its real mint and even a Decaffeinated Green tea. Whichever one you choose, you'll open a treasure-trove of flavour and benefits to your health.

So go out, wish your friends and family good health, good fortune and prosperity - and share with them a cup of Tetley Green Tea.

Overview of Britain's favourite tea maker: Tetley is the biggest manufacturer and distributor of tea in the UK. It has exactly one quarter of the country’s £530m-a-year tea market, and its main brand tea bags are regularly bought by over eight million UK households.

The four popular varieties of Tetley Green Tea make it a strong contender in the UK’s fast-growing green tea market, currently worth £14.8m.

Tetley are experts in tea, and have a huge range of other brands of teas and infusions, and these are becoming an increasingly important part of its business. Some, such as luxury teas Earl Grey and English Breakfast or old favourites Quick Brew and Lyons Red Label, are aimed at more traditional markets.

Others address the growing demand for alternative, overtly healthy hot drinks. Tetley already has a strong range of herbal and fruit infusions, and it is expanding its offering still further with new brand like Tetley Redbush and Tetley Organic.

Combining tradition with innovation in this way, Tetley is well placed to consolidate its place as Britain's favourite tea maker. Tetley really is ‘Everyone’s cup of tea!'

Just think! All those poor faith Mormons missing out on the benefits of green tea. It is quite sad, isn't it?

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