Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hello there and goodbye there, rejected Mormon commenter!

For the first time in absolutely ages I had to reject a comment on this blog. Not because it was filled with the usual vacuous and vapid maudlin "pity poor, persecuted, me" tripe and twaddle of so many Mormons. Which it was. Nor that it was filled with enough strawmen to furnish 1,000 stage versions of The Wizard of Oz. Which it was.

Was it the fact that it was "uber-filled" with Mormon braggadocio. "You know that Mormons are some of the brightest and best moral charaters (sic) in society." Well, actually, I don't know that. I have met Mormons who are moral and Mormons who are immoral. Why? Because Mormons are people, the same as everyone else. And for moral Mormons, look at Joseph Smith and his childbrides, Brigham Young and the Mountain Meadows Murders, and Ted Bundy. Ted, it seems, had merely found the perfect cult for his own personality disorders.

And was it because TK presumed that I am a criminal, a drug addict and default on my alimony payments? Well, no. TK I am not a criminal, nor a drug addict and have no children on which to lavish alimony payments. How DARE you be so damnably judgemental? Oh! Yes, of course! It is because you have set yourself above other people as a 'Judge in Israel' able to cast your judgements on the heads of others.

And by the way TK, you are not worthy enough to lick my late father's boots clean, you odious little Mormon person, you. Repent, TK! Repent to a priest (a real priest, not a Mormon male child, by the way) if you are not man enough to go to your own Mormon Bishop. And remember! A priest tells nobody what you tell him, your Bishop tells EVERYONE in the ward...

Actually, TK, I rejected your post because you committed an act of libel in it. On someone else. And if you think I am going to allow my site to be a launching ground for the libellous ravings of a sad, delusion Cultista like you, think again.

Now on to other news. Gordon B. Hinckley is dead. And for some reason it took me several seconds to get his first name straight. For some reason I wanted to write Bill Hinckley, which I knew was wrong.

The coverage in the UK press was minimal. Why? Well, Mormons are blaming persecution. However, the real reason is that, out here in the real world, far away from the flaccid and flabby hand of the political influence of the Mormon Cult, nobody really knows or cares much about Mormonism.

They do not care that Mr Hinckley changed the unchangeable doctrines of The Mormon Church, because they probably never bothered to wonder what they were in the first place!

God lives on a planet or a star or something called Kolob. Well, no, maybe he doesn't! We don't know that! You, too, can be a God, one day! Well, I don't know that we teach that!

You no longer have to mime allowing yourself to be murdered by having your belly cut open and your throat slit for revealing the secrets of the Mormon Temple ceremony!

Hinckley's tenure at the heart of Mormonism lasted for decades. He was in charge years and YEARS before he became prophet. It is just that the fraudulent use of the Benson signature machine worked until, with Benson's long and troublesome death, he was able to formalise what had been the reality for some considerable time.

Then he was at the heart of The Mormon Machine. What to do? What to do?

Mainstream. Nah. Failed. I mean, come on, folks! You are living in Israel in about 5AD and you see an advert for the King Herrod Childcare Centre. Would you send YOUR kids there? No way!

And that is how many other Churches see Mormonism. "Hi, we are Mormons. We are Christians. In fact, we love Jesus so much, we named Joseph Smith's church after him!"

Think I am joking? At BYU last year they had a Joseph Smith Nativity scene. And here is the link to prove it:-

Ex-Mormons deride Mormons for celebrating Smithmas instead of Christmas. And it is true that often the emphasis in Mormon church services at around Christmas time is all too often on the Smith, rather than the Carpenter...

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