Sunday, April 06, 2008

"It's not THAT bad!" So what? So why should I care?

Mormonism, someone told me, "it's not all that bad."

My reply might have surprised them. I said: "Well, so what? It's bad enough and that is enough for me!"

Mormons speak with forked tongues. On the one had they lay the "one true church" crap on you and in the next breath they argue that "every church has bad apples" and how you can't judge the entire Mormon church by what a tiny minority of what Mormon Bishops do.

However. It IS possible for Mormons to judge the entire Catholic church by what a tiny minority of what Catholic priests do.

How can this be? Because Mormons demand special treatment for them and their church.

They want everyone else to follow their rules but for some strange reason they do not feel they should be restricted by their own rules!

For example in Utah they want to stop or restrict non-Mormons from drinking alcohol (Word of Wisdom) yet the Mormons do not follow the rest of the Word of Wisdom dietary code, themselves! Yet they want to impinge on how non-members live their lives.

Whilst a Catholic priest who has allegedly sexually abused a child "deserves to be locked up in jail or executed" (probably without trial) a Mormon Bishop or Stake President who is a known sexual abuser of children needs to be given special treatment, as Satan tempted him. He must be given the chance to repent as he has done such good for the youth of the church (including having sex with them...) and he has assured the Stake Authorities that he will never, ever do it again, born a teary testimony, so that's OK, then! No need to involve the police! Phew! Not like with that evil Catholic priest, who deserves all he gets!

And should parents or abused children kick up a fuss, just watch for the threats of "a Court of Love" to "help them sustain the bretherin" including the person who abused their children.

Plus unattributable rumours will start to spread. "I heard that Tina Brown confessed to the Bishop to having had sex with a Methodist boy when she was 14. Well, I heard they found gay porn under the bed of Tim Jones. And I heard that the parents of Billy Rae Smith are planning on suing the church for millions of Dollars, and that's why they accused Brother Fnart of raping their child. They coached Billy Rae in what to say, you know."

Is Mormonism as bad as other cult groups? Probably not. But as I have never been a member of any cult group other than Mormonism, all I can say is: So what? That's not relevant to me or my life experiences.

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