Sunday, October 19, 2008

Here it is, the October edition of COV

My exmo book is published. And has earned a foul-mouthed tirade from someone called Matthew. He might wonder why his comment was rejected.

Matthew, you might wonder why your comment was rejected.

This was because you used an obscene word in your comment.

Now, you might wish to use this type of language in your ward building, but you will NOT use it in comment section of my blog.

You really do need to seek an interview with your Bishop as you seem to be holding your temple recommend under false pretences, you foul-mouthed person.

You are another of the tiresome kind of Mormon that decent Mormons get so (rightly)upset about. The "Don't do as I do, but do as I say" Mormons.”

I think that says it all, really!

Now to the blogs for October:

Some very sad news about Jason.

Hi Matt,

Out of respect for Jason (Starbright), I have went ahead and made his blog into a 'public domain'-type of site. People can download as much as they want of it until March of next year. The new company understands our
situation and have delayed the aquisition until then.

The current registration will expire in March, and the site will change hands at that time.

Let me know if you need anything else.

Thank you for your support of us while he was with us.


My sympathy goes to Norma and everyone else in his family and his friends.

Next, something from Runtu

"The Real Reasons I Left Mormonism

OK, I admit it: the problems I listed in my earlier post are not the real reasons I am no longer a practicing and believing Mormon. Here are my true motivations, in no particular order:”

(MATT: Oh, boy! That was very amusing. The trouble is, many TBMs really believe that this is why we leave, the poor souls!”)

This just in from Kita!

My husband & I have started a new blog. It is a collection of personal stories, commentary and news stories about Utah and Mormonism. The url is - I don't know what to submit. Haven't written anything new about Mormonism in awhile. I've been pissing and moaning about the elections and bailout on The intro page is an blog entry from my husband Doc and I liked it enough to stick it to the front. That is here -

(MATT: Posts to COV don't have to be about Mormonism. They just have to be by exmos and that's about it. Actually, they don't have to be by exmos, as people who have had their life impacted by Mormonism but who aren't members could submit posts here, should they want to.)

Next, a post from South Bay Soliloquies

Movie Review: Tropic Thunder

I saw the trailer for this and thought it would be kind of funny, although I'm not surprised at the controversy that surrounds this film and the issues of Vietnam veterans, the mentally disabled, and race. However, I thought this was a great comedy. Or maybe I just don't get offended as easily.”

(MATT: I rarely -ever- go to see films (movies) at the cinema. Maybe I'll make an exception based on this review)

And now, to my own offering

I have finally published my ex-Mormon Book!

After about a year of beating my brains out, my book is finally published.

It is called: "Mormonism Con or Cult?" And is published by The Rann Street Press and is available as a download from Lulu at £4.00, that's about $8, I think.

The link to the store is

The introduction to the book is:

"I used to be a Mormon, but I am not a Mormon any longer. I have decided to write this book in an attempt to show readers why I decided to become Not a Mormon, any more.”

That's it for this time.

But in memory of Jason I will republish here the original exmo blog list that we published on Jason's site. Thanks Jason, you are a real star:

Here it is! The Infamous Outer Blogness listing:

The Freeway Overpass Starbright
Kipona Loke
Enigma's Thought Spot Enigma
Joseph's Left One substrate
Not A Mormon Matt
Engineering ZekeTheElder
Mormon2Catholic effulgent
Sideon's Sanctuary Sideon
Letters from a Broad... chanson
WanaBeExmo anon
Halfway Demolished Kitchen of the Soul Stray Mutt
The Murphy Mafia The Apostate Paul
TragicComedy TragicMind
The Thought Spot DiggerChick
Agnostic1 Agnostic One
Equality Time Equality
Mormons In The Blogspot MITB
Latter Day Saints LDS
ScottishBrain ScottishBoy
From Rocky Top to the Rockies Jonny
Spiritual Rape Spiritual Rape
Eight Hour Lunch Inig0
Trapped By Mormons Natalie R. Collins
Masters of the Context DeCaf
Cr@ig in the Middle Cr@ig P@xton
La's Self-Discovery UT Laura
Formons Eric
Planet Kolob Blog Aggregator
The Sugar Beet Chris Bigelow
Mormon Agnosticism BYU Alter Ego
Rants and Raves Seneca

The Next COV will be in November. Please get your links in for the November COV.


mandi said...

Please remove my husband's blog from this list.
He is not an ex-mormon, nor has he ever professed to be one. Thanks.

Matt said...

Mandi, I am very sorry that your husband's website was included in the list that Jason supplied.

I can only presume that the Jason included your husband's website in the list he sent over because he enjoyed the site, but forgot to tell anyone that it was not an ex-Mormon site.

Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention. I deleted it as soon as I read your email.

I hope that the inclusion of the site in error has not caused you or your husband any problems.

Best regards to you and your husband,


mandi said...

No worries. I really appreciate you taking it seriously and deleting it. Thank you!