Monday, May 04, 2009

Lack of recent posts. sorry!

There has been a lack of recent posts on Notamormon. I am sorry about this, but I have been very heavily involved in covering a major political scandal that reaches right to the very top of the government of Britain.

Just Google Derek Draper and Damian McBride (and the terms Drapergate and Smeargate) to see what has being happening! Or take a look at the following Wikipedia entry:-

Derek Draper Wkipedia entry

And now for some Mormon related stuff:

“Antigay Group Hiding Mormon Cash?”

Former white supremacist turns over new leaf (He got married in the Mormon temple and is nw no longer racist, but pro-white! (I can't decide if I should laugh or puke. Maybe I'll do both...)

“Calendars feature Mormon men, moms”

(Mormon Moms? Chad describes them as “Mormon Muffins.” (A whole new meaning to the acronym MILF, perhaps? Mind you in the British Isles Muffin might have a different meaning to whatever Chad has in mind over in the USA. “A good Muffin” is, oh, well, I am sure you need no further explanation!)

The Mormon who authorised torture. And the Mormon who refused to torture.

Judge Bars Divorced Man from Taking His Kids to Mormon Services

(Good. Though the idiot who write this story doesn't think so. Is she a Mormon, too?)


Talisman said...

Can I do an interview with you?

Matt said...

Please email me matt (at) (dot) UK and let me know more about your proposed interview.

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