Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Why are some ex-Mormons so... Mormon?

Some ex-Mormons are so Mormon!

What do I mean by that?

Not so long ago on the Ex-Mormon bulletin board, there was Timothy's regular: "What are you drinking tonight?" threads.

Someone complained about it saying: "I think that you will find that 'in the real world' people never talk about what they will be drinking on a Friday evening!"

I had to wade in to this debate. It was clear that the person who made that comment hadn't got one clue about the real world! In my workplace in the UK what alcoholic beverages are going to be consumed that evening and the rest of the weekend are a major topic of conversation on Fridays. And on Monday there is often a conversation about the actuality of what as drunk!

And someone disliked my blog and the book that I based on it because: "I used bad language."

In truth my language was mild compared to me in the flesh, so I still haven't a clue what he meant.

The problem that the ex-Mormons who made the above statement have, but doesn't realise is that they still view the world through Mormon-tinted glasses.

They do not believe in the teachings of Joseph Smith but for some reason they still act like Mormons, pompous arrogant and very condescending.

Why? Because they will have to learn how to behave like normal people in the real world.

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J said...

There's nothing wrong with being LDS. I live in Utah and I know pompous LDS members and I also know many amazing LDS members. There are bad people and good people in every church. There are people that choose not to drink in every church...