Saturday, June 19, 2010

How our Mormon families see us

OK, let’s see… Your brothers and sisters never see you, they do not like their children being alone with you and your parents think that you are one of Satan’s minions.

What are you? A murderer? Child molester? A rapist? A convicted fraudster? No. Just a former Mormon.

When my brother found out that I was chatting with to my nephew at a family (nevermo) party whilst I was drinking a can of lager, he could not wait to run over to us at the party (knocking an elderly nevermo relation out of the way in his indecent haste. Way to go, bruv!)

Apparently he thought I was an evil influence on my nephew and would try to lead him down the pathway to Hell.

The truth was that within minutes of talking with my nephew, I had found out more about my nephew than his (sadly) rather stupid father (my brother) had in his life.

I had found out that he had been binge drinking with a mate several times and I was actually advising him to take it easy with alcohol. To avoid spirits and not to drink stuff just for the sake of drinking it. Not that my brother would believe that. But that’s HIS problem!

But of course, as I am a filthy, degenerate apostate ™ © then I can have no good intentions and no noble objectives. Of course not. Because, of course, only Mormons know The Truth ™! The Truth? Sadly most Mormons would not know the truth if it bit them on the arse...

But we sometimes feel guilty when we do something non-Mormon like drink coffee or have a glass of beer with our meal.

But this is NOT our fault, nor is it our problem.

They are, after all, the ones who are following the example of a rapist and child molester and convicted fraudster, not us...

(Edited update of a previous post)


Seth R. said...

Well, the avoidance couldn't be due to your winning attitude and nice friendly view of those still in the Mormon Church.

Must be some other reason I guess.

Matt said...

Seth, you are a perceptive young man when you say: "Must be some other reason I guess."

Seth R. said...

Just keep in mind that if you go around considering your family a bunch stupid people following a "lying rapist pedophile", don't be surprised if your overwhelming contempt for them doesn't leak out in your interactions, and they pick up on it.

People tend to be perceptive that way.

They tend to notice when someone feels nothing but negativity and contempt for them, and, surprise, surprise, they start to avoid that person day to day.

Shocking, I know.

Matt said...

Thank you for your latest comment, Seth.

It would be useful if you actually read the posts on the blogs and websites of ex-Mormons that you comment on.

But I do not think that you do. At least, I have seen scant evidence of that in the comments from you that I have seen on my site and on other sites.

Seth R. said...

I just pulled that from stuff in your post. I read the whole thing. Parts of it I have no objection to and did not comment on (like the observation that some faithful Mormons go waaay overboard in the shunning department - I quite agree). But my comment was directed at stuff you actually said about your family.

Matt said...

Seth, you seem to have read stuff that wasn't there.

I think that how you cope with viewpoints that are not your viewpoints.

You seem to read stuff that isn't there.

Just to bolster how you think the world should be. Not how it is.

Matt said...

I am not taking comments from Seth, any more.

Seth is well-known for twisting the meanings of what people say and then attacking them for what they never really said in the first place.

On this blog and others. But not on this blog, any longer.