Saturday, July 31, 2010

An award is to be granted to Timothy of the RFM Board

Why? for services to the Exmo Community.

Every Friday Timothy starts a thread: "The Obligatory Friday Thread: What are YOU drinking tonight?"

Whilst some people may dismiss these threads as being unimportant, I would argue that, on the contrary, they are amongst some of the most vital and important threads on the board.

Why? Please allow me to tell you:

Some ex-Mormons know nothing about alcohol. Which means they know nothing about safe drinking. People can read through the thread and see what other ex-Mormons are drinking. Or they can ask for advice and help on what drinks to choose. Sometimes people have posted for help on what drinks to buy for other people. One example was someone who needed to know the right wines to buy for a meal that he had invited his boss to. He got the advice he needed, so the meal went well.

The thread also provides a strong degree of social cohesion for we denizens of the Recovery From Mormonism website. What do I mean by this? No matter where you are, if you live with Mormons or if you don't, if you live by yourself in the heart of Modom, or if you are a lone exmo thousands of miles from Utah, you know that ever Friday ex-Mormons will be posting there about what they plan to drink (and in some cases, eat) on Friday evening and, during the evening itself, what they actually ARE eating and drinking!

So if you are part of a couple, or a single ex-Mormon, perhaps the sole exmo in your immediate family (that you know of!) whatever kind of exmo you are, you can know that you are raising a glass with your fellow exmos, no matter who they are or where they are.

As a result, I feel that it is apropriate to present Timothy with a very special Not a Mormon award. This will be done within the next several days. Please keep an eye out for further developments.

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