Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Will they see the truth?

Will your TBM family members ever see the truth? Will they ever depart from Mormonism? Sometimes you think that they have almost made it out. That they have finally grasped "it" and now are aware that Mormonism is a fraud.

But then, they recoil from that knowledge in horror, and run away from it.

Why? Perhaps the fear that it is not true and that they have wasted their lives persuing what is, in essence, the dreams of someone else? The rotten, horrid dreams of a 19th century conman?

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AlexisAR said...

My relatives could be visited by Jesus Himself and told that the Church was a farce and they still wouldn't break their ties. My grandfather is technically making a living from the church, so he has a good reason not to see the light. He's accumulated enough wealth that he could live quite nicely without the church's $,though, espcially if he didn't pay 10% on all the interest he earns on his various holdings.

I keeping thinking they're going to put my grandfather out to pasture and grant him "emeritus" status, but they keep in in there. It makes me wonder just what a person has to do, short of making up all sorts of fantastic lies about athletic exploits and war stories a la Paul H. Dunn, to achieve emeritus status. It's clear that simple age-related dementia by itself is not sufficient. Then again, in a gerontocracy, age-related dementia must surely be a relative term.