Wednesday, December 29, 2010

You might have noticed a new feature on this blog

You might have noticed that I am now inviting people to make a donation to me to buy me a drink.

This is so I can raise a glass to you and salute you, with a drink you helped me to pay for!

I like the sound of the idea, and hope you do, too!


Donna Banta said...

Sounds better than paying tithing!

AlexisAR said...

I'll have to talk to papa about contributing/. He's generally in favor of drinking.

Matt said...

Good for your papa! Sounds like my kind of chap!

Yes, British people do still use words like chap.

We also use terms like: "Steady the Buffs!" "That's just not cricket!" "batting on a sticky wicket" and "back to square one."