Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Finally got the antibiotics

After a week of coughing and keeping Mrs Matt awake at nights, and having work colleagues complain about his terrible cough, Matt finally went to the doctor where he was diagnosed with a nasty chest infection.

It happens every October, a viral cold leads to a secondary bacterial infection which causes a nasty, productive cough. And I finally have to get the antibiotics. It's so regular you could almost set your clock by it.

My wife works at the hospital in which my doctor rents space in the grounds so I waited for my wife to finish work and we were going to the late duty chemist's shop when we found someone collapsed at the side of the road on the pavement/sidewalk.

He was on his side and snoring. Of course, there was the possibility that he was drunk, but the last time we found someone collapsed like that he had gone into a diabetic coma, so no point in making judgements on people and someone who is drunk could choke to death. We had some problems getting the emergency operator to understand the location but eventually an ambulance, a police car and a police can turned up.

We then left to continue our journey home. Too late to get my prescription filled, so I'll get that done this morning in the chemist that is round the corner from my office.

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