Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hard to believe, but Christmas is nearly here, again!

Yes, Christmas is nearly here, again!

I have got most of the presents sorted out -need to buy some wrapping paper, however- and we will need some Vodka for our Lithuanian neighbour/friend, plus some cards and one or two other items.

Got to get the turkey and the vegetables, some beer and table wine, some Champagne and that's about it!

We have had a problem with some items being stolen before they could be delivered

Too late to deal with that now, though.

But all sorts of fun is going on here!

and here!

Hope you all have a great Christmas and a good New Year!


AlexisAR said...

Hi Matt! i;m glad Christmas is going well for you. I'm having some Christmas-related anxiety that's tying in with all the pTSD and giving me night terrors again, so I have a shrink appointment today. It would be neice if there were a poill to cure all of this, but there isn't.

At least we know my mom is healthy this year, and I'm not spending Christmas day at the same place I did last year, which won't so directly bring up those memories.

On saturday I will be allowed to leave the house for the first time since returning from the hospital following the whole mono/splenectomy thing. My doctor lives across the street and checked me out here, so I didn't even go to any doctor appointments.

It's still undecided whether or not I'll be allowed to fly to utah a couple of days after Christmas. mt parents are leaving it up to my doctor. I hope to go, as I need a change of scenery, eve if it's just Utah.

Merry Christmas!


AlexisAR said...

I have two gifts that just basically disapeared in thin air. No one has a clue where they went. Fotunately the were not worth a great deal of money. It's more the issue of where the hell they could have gone. Neither gift was a living or even robotic creature, nor did either gift have wheels. It's a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrappped in a nutshell, or something like that. By the way, how will the demise of Our Dear Leader Kim Jong Il and the supposed but maybe tentative rise to power of the son on which the mantle had been placed affect the world? Is the new guy going to have to expend so much energy fighting it out with his brothers that he has little fire power left for anyone else, or is he going to have to make a dramatic move in order to flex his muscles? I'm a bit nervous.

Matt said...

Alexis, try a NLP CD or tape. I used to have a very extreme form of spider phobia. I used to have to kill them whenever I saw them.

After the NLP treatment with a tape I was pretty well cured very quickly, to the point that I now regularly put spiders outside perfectly fit and well! I have a notion that at lease one keeps getting back in!

Hope you have a good Christmas and that the night terrors will not cause you too many problems.