Sunday, January 29, 2012

Here's a UK newspaper's take on aspects of Mitt's campaign

"Mitt Romney's family baptised Ann Romney's atheist father into Mormon church a year AFTER his death"

"More questions are being raised about presidential candidate Mitt Romney's religion after it was revealed that he helped baptise his adamantly atheist father-in-law years after the man had died.

"Edward Roderick Davies was Ann Romney's father and died in 1992 after living as a staunch atheist all his life.

"Recently-discovered records show that, in keeping with their controversial tradition of posthumously baptising non-Mormons, a ceremony was held to invite Mr Davies into the Church of Latter Day Saints one year after he died."



El said...

Do you think Romney believes the BOM? Joseph Smith was a known con man and the claims in the BOM are absurd.

El said...

Check out this thread and comment please.

Matt said...

Thanks! Interesting thread you linked to, there.