Tuesday, September 19, 2006

“OK, Matt! Apart from posting on RFM and your Notamormon blog, what exactly do you do?”

I write. All day long at work I write. I work as a journalist for a small publishing company. Although the company is small that doesn’t stop it from publishing five different magazines every month. (Actually, 2 are published 17 times a year, rather than 12 times) Unfortunately I am the only full time journalist employed by the company. We use some freelance writers, (some are a hinderence rather than a help as I have to sub-edit their work and do some re-writes) but I write most of the copy for the magazines, all of which are between 40 something to 64 pages, depending on advertising sold.

So, what do I do when I get back home? I write. Why? Because the way I earn my living is also my hobby. Great. I found someone kind enough to pay me for my hobby!

One of the things I run is my own News Portal, which is found at www.thatsnews.org.uk which leads on to a variety of news channels. News, health and nutrition, building and construction, business news, book reviews, etc.

There’s even a special section for Apple Mac users (called Apple Mac Heaven!) and I have a weekly humour column by Jason Love.

You know something? Although my lifestyle is a bit high stress, I love it to bits! Would I have been able to do the same kind of stuff had I been a Mormon? Hell, no! There’s no way my life would have worked out the way it did with the dead hand of Mormonism laying its rotting hand on my shoulder.

This is shameless self promotion. If you like my www.thatsnews.org.uk website, would you be able to help me by linking to it? (I’ll do reciprocal links, of course)

Also, does anyone have a bit of simple html code that I could use to create a linkable banner so that I will be able to replace the simple html link on the top of each portal entry page with a nice banner? If you do, please email this to me at matt_exmo@yahoo.co.uk Thanks!

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Sister Mary Lisa said...

I love shameless self-promotion. I wish I could be paid for my hobby (art) like you do!

In the spirit of self promotion, check out my drawings on my blog (http://sistermarylisa.blogspot.com/2006/08/portraits.html) and if anyone out there needs portraits drawn in graphite for any special occasions, just tell me and I'll get you my price list!

:) Keep up the great writing!