Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sometimes, things take you unawares

Like when I prayed to God to tell me how I was getting it wrong, asking for my testimony in the Mormon Church to be returned to me. I worked so hard at getting my testimony back. I worked hard at being a perfect Mormon, never breaking the Word of Wisdom, for example.

Eventually, after much praying and heart-searching and angst and worry and fear and being so desperate for the answer I got an answer that blew my mind. God told me that the Mormon Church was not his church.

How it actually happened was this: I asked one last time “why can’t I be a good Mormon? How come if the Mormon church is your one, true church, membership makes me feel so bad? Why am I such a horrible, evil sinner?”

To my shock and then joy the answer I got back was: The Mormon Church does not have to be my one, true church.”

In shock, I said: “God, Lord, are you telling me that it ISN’T?”

I am sure I heard a chuckle, and then: “If you need me to spell it out for you, then, it is not my church.”

It was as if a ton weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I suddenly felt free. It was also as if a long, long sentence in jail had been scrapped and I was allowed out to breathe the free, clean air, again.

A total subject change. And a plea for information!

I run several online magazines using Blogger to publish them all. It is free and I get income from Google ads, too.

Until recently, I got a modest number of hits. I got 154 page impressions on a very good day. On a bad day? About a quarter of that amount.

Until, that is, when I decided to get a My Yahoo button installed on my site, htpp://thatsnews.blogspot.com. Suddenly my page impressions went up from 154 a day to 65,134 page impressions…With a fairy surprising rise in advert income, too.

Could adding the My Yahoo link have done that? Anyone else wanna give it try?

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Gunner said...

What is a my yahoo button? I could use the extra hits...even if not that large like yours . ;)