Thursday, May 17, 2007

Online Gothic and Alternative Gift Store Gets Makeover

This week, Online retailer Black Cats and Broomsticks has launched their newly updated website and is now available for visitors to see. The new site boasts new features such as Gothic and Biker Events calendar, a free to use links database for sites of the motorcycling, gothic, pagan, wiccan, and new age genre, a new online gallery featuring the famous Black Cat Collage where visitors can upload their pictures and make their moggy famous.

The site owners hope to add more features soon. The constantly expanding gothic and alternative gift section of the site now has a lot of new stock on it, which will please existing customers and first-timers alike.

Black Cats and Broomsticks ( ) will be attending many events and shows over the summer to promote the new site. If there are any interested parties, such as Gothic Events or Motorcycle Rally organisers that would like to have Black Cats and Broomsticks at their event, they should contact the business through the website.

Throughout May 2007, new sign-ups to the store section that make a purchase during the month shall receive a free gift with their first order.


Gunner said...

I like there stuff, but cannot read almost anything in their shop.
The font does add 'image' but can you contact them and mentions this. Their contact page does not work.

Matt said...

Ye Gods! What a mess! Loved the music, though! I think they must have done a re-design, the font is buggered, I think.

Matt said...

It's all sorted now! You can read all the typefaces on the site!