Sunday, October 07, 2007

Carnival of the Veil 7 October 2007

Welcome to this edition of Carnival of the Veil, for 7 October, 2007.

First we kick of with something from South Bay Soliloquies.

“I don't know what happened the past couple of days that turned my mood around.

Okay, I have an idea, but I never knew that it would bring me into the happiest state I've ever known myself to be in. I wish I could share the gritty details but it's a little too personal to share with the world. Some secrets are best left secrets.”

And another one

“It never ceases to amaze me how much we value ideas, especially those ideas pertaining to hope, freedom, and happiness. Those ideas enrich our souls and give meaning to life.

I think this is why I enjoy reading dystopian fiction so much - in forcing a society to live up to an ideal, the society ends up robbing the people belonging to it the very things most societies (and people) should value most.”

And here is Emerging From the Ashes. (Being from Britain, I always expect this to be about Cricket. But of course, it never is! -The Ashes is a major Cricket Tournament between The MCC (The English/Welsh cricket team and the Australians)

“Do all churches do this? Do all churches eulogize and remember a person as if he had been a perfect, faithful, believing member? Even when he hadn't been to church since he was old enough to tell his parents, "I ain't goin' "? Do they all pick songs to sing at the funeral that the deceased probably didn't recognize, let alone like?

"Rebellion" and swearing and alcoholism and bar fights and no-mission and no-temple are all rendered "free spirit" and "did things his own way," with a sideways smile. They are, I suppose, trying their best to be nice and polite and remember the best of him. Which is fine. Who doesn't want to be remembered well? For people to forget the foibles and faults. But foibles and faults according to whom? The deceased? Sure, I'd bet he'd admit he did some stupid things in his life, that there were some things that he'd not repeat if he had the chance.

A special post, next. A guest appearance from Fiddley Gomme’s wife! Who is marking a very important anniversary!

“Since tomorrow is the fifteenth anniversary of our first date, and of my nineteenth birthday (don't spend too much time doing the math) I thought it was time I formally introduce myself.

My name is Donna and I am married to Pete. We have been married most of those fifteen years and have 4 beautiful girls. And I'm not just saying that because they are mine, everyone says so. Even the ones that don't look like me.”

And here is my effort for this time

"General Conference. My God. That used to be so important to us, as a Mormon family, living in Britain.

We used to have to go by coach to the Stake Centre 30 to 40 miles away and join with everyone from the stake listening to the conference brought by transatlantic cable."

And that is it until next time in two weeks. Please do send your entry in to in time for Sunday 21 October. See you then!

PS. If you know anyone who has an exmo blog but who doesn't subscribe to COV, please forward an invite for them to get on board!

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Diane said...

"Emerging From The Ashes" would be a great title for a blog about Cricket now that you've explained the reference!