Sunday, October 21, 2007

Matt REALLY must get his act together!

I really must get my act together and finish of my book. I am writing my very own “book of the bog” a book based on the best of my posts here at Notamormon.

Why? Well I have always wanted to write a book and as I already have the material that I have published on the blog it would seem to be silly to ignore that wealth of material.

It will tell some of the highs and the lows of being a former Mormon. And God knows, there are enough highs and lows.

Being an ex-Mormon is hard enough if none of your family members joined the Mormon Church. But if your entire immediate family joined or you family has been under the cosh of the Mormon cult for many years, then it must be infinitely worse.

Does anyone know of a publisher who might want to take a look at my ex-Mormon book? If you do, then please email me their contact details at

By the way, do you know anyone who writes an ex-Mormon or post-Mormon blog and who is not yet a member of the Carnival of the Veil? If so, please do invite them to join us here at the Carnival of the Veil. All they need do is to email me at and I will add them to the Carnival of the Veil mailing list.

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