Sunday, October 31, 2010

How Mormonism changes its core doctrines

I was watching a TV programme with my mother and (as an aside) the presenter pointed out that people from Asia had settled America having crossed the Baring Straights.

My mother then said: "Well that's interesting because the (Mormon) church teaches that Lehi and his family were from Asia, so that confirms what it teaches."

I made no comment.


AlexisAR said...


With no disrespect intended toward your mother, who may be getting up there in years, and with a disclaimer that I'm not a Book of Mormon authority, having been spawned by an inactive RM and having been blessed, but never dunked or throughoughly educated in the doctrines, I too, am puzzled. Isn't the basic claim that Lehi et al migrated from somewhere in the vicinity of Jerusalem through the Mediterranean sea, through the Straits of Gibraltar, and across the Atlantic to the Americas? Haven't the Church been actively disputing the Bering Straits theory pretty much since the origin of their religion? Mow they're using it to prove the veracity of their version of origin of life on this continenet?

I had a biology teacher my freshman year who brought in pictures of Middle Eastern people's faces to compare them to Native American faces and point out resemblances. He was livid when all of us insisted we saw no resemblance beyond what you'd see between any members of the human population.


Matt said...

You make a good point, Alexis.