Sunday, October 10, 2010

Those missionaries, again

Yes, I met those two rude missionaries, again. I was about to go into the local hospital for a routine blood test (to check that the prescriptions meds I am aren't harming me) when the bicycling buffoons finished harassing some random pedestrian and decided to illegally cycle towards me and try to engage me in their: "If you don't let us bore the crap out of you with our message about Jesus Smith (thanks for that quote, Mr Hinckley!) we'll start berating you for being an atheist" line, I just said: "I'm late for an appointment and after the last time I spoke with you, I have nothing to add to it."

They must have then remembered who I was as they ceased following me and I can't recall even geting a faked: "Have a nice day!"


AlexisAR said...

I'm younger than the mishies, so maybe I shouldn't be saying this, but I've never let age cause me to keep my mouth shut before, so why start now?

Anyway, what is it about the particular LDS brand of 19-to-21-year-olds that think they have sufficient wisdom, testimony or not, to be telling other people how to enrich or otherwise better their lives? Most of these young people have never even lived independently yet, unless you count BYU dorms, which are about as close to independent living as juvey is. Actually, I think juvey has the edge on this one, because there is supposedly a hierarchical youth leadership operating underground there.

AlexisAR said...

They're so single-minded that they forget quite a few of their own essentials, such as "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of My brethren, ye have done it unto Me."
Regarding their "money conquers and forgives all" philosophy, I don't see it as that much different than the papal indulgences of which they're so fond of recounting. They love to say their church doesn't put down other churches, but I recall a summer I spent with LDS cousins where the Sunday School theme for the summer was on how LDS beliefs differ from those of other churches, and it was a basic put-down of other faiths.

Matt said...

Alexis, you are so right on every count!