Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The After-Life. Is it a colourful place?

“Science can help us understand the existence of the After-Life more closely” says Regressionist to the Stars, Nicolas Aujula who claims to have uncovered a scientific understanding to where we go after death.

Having Regressed hundreds of clients including British and Hollywood celebrities to past-lives over the years, some of them were able to take themselves to the space between lives known as 'Life Between Lives' described as the After-Life existence.

“I'm going through the tunnel and seeing white light” is a usual statement to hear when exploring 'Life Between Lives' - however the ground-breaking point that many people make is the existence of colours in the After-Life that they have never seen before.

This is where science can help as physicists agree on the fact that there is light and colours we cannot physically sense, we only see a small portion of what is known as the visible electromagnetic spectrum.

Dr Tom Field from Queen's University Belfast comments “There is light beyond the visible spectrum we cannot see and cannot appreciate the colours”.

Nicolas Aujula says “This is a clear sign that the place we go to after death lies at a wavelength invisible to us”. The afterlife interpenetrates the physical world as infinite parallel realities exist holographically everywhere at once.

Just as we create our own experiences in life through our beliefs, expectations and interpretations of our experiences. Similarly, we create our own experiences in death.

Nicolas is now hoping to demystify the After-Life and make it a more understood subject.

You can visit Nicolas Aujula's website -

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