Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The "cry for help"

Mrs Beagley, the hot sauce torture Mormon mother,has been convicted for what she put her adopted child through.

The narrative, however, has changed. It has changed from bragging about her child rearing methods to a bogus 'cry for help'.

I left this comment on the site of fellow blogger Alexis:

"It was only after she (Mrs Beagley) saw the expression on Dr Phil's face and heard/saw the outraged and horrified reaction of the studio audience that she or her legal team claimed she had gone on the programme as a "cry for help."

It is my memory of that segment of the Dr Phil programme that she (Sister Beagley) had gone on the programme to gain bragging rights for her super-duper child rearing methods.

I honestly believe that she only began to get a slight inking that perhaps her child rearing methods did NOT meet with universal approval (as she expected them to) when she noticed that Dr Phil was NOT impressed and that the entire audience was somewhat hostile toward her.

Sister Beagley is NOT the first Mormon found guilty of such a crime,40474,41607

Is this a common Mormon child abuse method? I mean discipline?


Faery Chaos said...

I don't remember this type of thing happening in Southern California, but maybe that was because it WAS So Ca.

I have heard of this type of punishment more from older generations (if not hot sauce, then pepper or something else...) though, so perhaps its more of a "my parents did this to ME so therefore I will do this to MY kids" type of mentality...


Matt said...

It did happen in England a couple of years ago. Two women were found guilty.

They were both members of the same LDS ward.

AlexisAR said...

That's the way I remember it as well, Matt. I think she was supposed to have been sentenced yesterday. I haven't looked because I was too tired yesterday. My guess is suspended sentence, fine, and community service. What she really needs is to be sentenced to spend quality time alone with Kristoff and with his bother. For that matter all of her kids, including the little junior witch -in - training, could use a bit of one-to-one time with mom in a setting where she won't be punitive. Perhaps she could give up her hurch callings so she would have time to accomplish this.