Saturday, March 24, 2012

More on Mitt Romney, double-edged sword for Mormonism?

Is Mitt Romney a double-edged sword for Mormonism?

Whilst on the one hand, the old adage is: "No publicity is bad publicity" but does that always hold true.

Because on the other hand, for every positive aspect of Mormonism that comes up there other others that might give non-Mormons (and, truth to tell, some Mormons) food for thought.

What kinds of things am I thinking about: The fact that some rather dubious MLMs are based in Utah and are controlled by Mormons. (Along with some legit MLMs based in Utah, too, before anyone thinks me prejudiced) Mountain Meadows Massacre, the fact that Brigham Young decreed that any mixed race couple and their children should be hacked to death, that Mormons preach (or preached) that Black people had been less valiant in the pre-existence, siding neither with God or Satan, that Joseph Smith took many married lovers and had a Jeffs-style interest in very young girls and so on and on and on.

Romney has shown himself to be a total waste. No real man would put a dog on the top of a speeding car and travel with it there for mile after terrifying mile until the dog was so psychologically traumatised that it fouled itself in fear.

Do Mormons who sing the praise of Mitt really think that a man of that failed moral calibre is a fit and proper person to be the leader of the United States of America?


AlexisAR said...

Matt, I'm not as well-read on the topic of mitt Romney as I ought to be because reading or thinking about him nauseates me. This bit about the dog, though, is over the top. When did this happen? Even had Romney been sixteen sixteen, it would be virtually unforgivable.

Matt said...

Alexis, this links to the story.

Incidentally, a search on Mitt Romney on Google brings up: "Mitt Romney dog" quite I up on the list of suggested search topics.