Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Summer is on the way

The Canada Geese are still flying over, making their way back over the Atlantic from Canada.

You hear them go, and know winter is almost here. You hear them come back and you know that summer is almost here. It is a truly evocative sound.

I saw one stood on the roof of the hospital last night as the sun was setting.

I hope it will be a good summer, but I fear it will not be. We have had a hot, dry spell and the rivers are starting to run very low. So low that the River Severn river cruises in the town of Shrewsbury have been cancelled as the river is too shallow.


Anonymous said...

Off topic to this post on your blog ...

There you are! What happened? Many of us have been looking for you in regards to all the information that was archived on NAM and what happened when it went down? No notice. One day it was up .. one day it was down. No emails answered.

Was it a personal choice? Big brother put the squeeze on you? Many of us would just like to know. We miss the forum. We miss you. Email me at blessingstoyou@gmail. Would like to chat with you!

aka BTY

Matt said...

This is a case of mistaken identity. I am Matt, an exmo from the English Midlands, not Matt the exmo from the USA.

And my real name is not Matt, in any case. ;o))

BTW, I am the Matt from England who posts regularly at RFM, not the Matt of NAM fame. The one who has just developed diabetes and posts about it at RFM, sometimes.