Saturday, March 16, 2013

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Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Why Joseph Smith is not a prophet":

"Gonna need a little more evidence to actually support your reason, its humorous yet just a bunch of rambling you also have to mention that how did he get all smart enough to do what he did without an education? and other stuff like that. Going into another topic throws off your little statement either your a child who hasn't studied well enough, or the education of this world is so poor that no one can make a clear and direct statement. tis only my opinion of this little page."

Joseph Smith was not uneducated. His parents were school teachers. He received some home schooling from them.


AlexisAR said...

i always gag when Sunday school teachers or others bring up the "if he were not inspired of God and essentially taking dictation [though someone else was doing the transcribing]how could he have come up with so many new names?

One summer in whihc I spent a partof it in Utah when I was twelve, a Sunday School teacher made that claim that it wuld have been impossible forJoseph Smith to make uo so many names without the inspiration of thebLord, I challenged him on it. He handed me a pen and a piece of paper and asked me to see how well I could do. I started randomly combining letters, such as "Ssisixluss, Vergongolin, Nozinzigger, llolomnozlin, Tooperpettiingetter, Egzloglzagsing, Mnemmomumminger," etc, etc." In the half hour that was left in the class when I started, I think I came up with over three hundred. I asked the man if he wanted me to skip "Young Women's" class and continue with my list. He just tore it up.

Matt said...

Also, don't forget that Smith used readily available gazetteers and books with lists of names to create his Book of Mormon names. Alma is a name. Though of women, it has to be mentioned.

AlexisAR said...

yeah. That was a great trick of Joseph's. take women's names and convert them to men's names. Then the sheep can claim he made the names up.
THAT will fool a lot of people.

AlexisAR said...

He should have used Virginia, Patricia, Rosalynde, Myrtle,Lucy, Sophronia, and Emma as male names in the B of M.

Anonymous said...

Dear fellow ex-mormon,
After a very rocky start to university life I have decided to create a Facebook page for college/university aged ex-mormons to help with the recovery and transition to normal student life. I have just started the group so there are very few members but in time I believe this will be a very important resource to help people my age in what is an incredibly difficult transition. Please share this any way you can.

Daniel Upchurch

AlexisAR said...

Mr. {presumably formerly 'Brother'] Upchurch,

I don't yet have a FB page for security reasons, but when I get one, I'll join the page.

Alexis, who has never been an official Mormon, though i've been blessed as a 2-year-old and baptized for the dead when I was 12. how i wasbaptized for the dead without being dunked for myself is a long story -- too long to recont in a reply.