Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Not posted in a while

Sorry that I haven't posted in a while. But I have been involved in other projects and have taken my eye off the ball, as it were, regarding my Notamormon blog.

Mormons are making capital out of the Book of Mormon, the Musical. Yay for the asshats from South Park. Well done. Not!

I haven't seen the show. Thanks guys. But I was in the living satire that is real Mormonism for long enough to not need to see your satire.

However, some people have said that the treatment of Ugandan Africans is racist. Well, it probably is. But the South Park idea is to satire something that really should not be satirised, so that the South Park dudes sit back, count the money coming in whilst laughing at the reaction of the audience to feeling guilty about laughing at it in the first place.

I think I'd have liked to have seen Brigham Young, the Musical. Now that ideas has the potential for some fun. Book, anyone? Libretto?


AlexisAR said...

How is the Church making money off the musical? Did it use things to which thy held copyrights?

Never saw it, never will.

AlexisAR said...

Matt, someone is harassing me by contacting people who follow my blog and claiming I'm not who I say I am.
He took particular exception with a picture, either because my grandmother posted it to a few LDS sites ans Iended up somehow labeled as tommy Monson's granddaughter or because the photographer sold it to a few non-profit type sites in lieu of a fee. (My parents gave me the mone that would have gone for the fee instead.) Anyway, I readily admit my name is not Rousseau, so I'm not quite sure where the person is coming from.Usually i can write off any weird comments to cousins or weird uncles, but my relatives know the picture really is I, so they're probably not behind this.

In any event, I apologize if you've been bothered by this person.