Sunday, March 18, 2007

A service the Mormon church will NEVER use!

Recent studies show that sexual offenders are turning to God in increasing numbers and attending church in secret; "Keeping Kids Safe Ministries" ( is helping churches discern who is attending church for the right or wrong reasons.

Here are some hard-core facts regarding sexual offenders:

Registered offenders attend church to worship and spirituality is part of their recovery. * Non-convicted offenders are turning to God in desperation to quit their sin before they are discovered.

Churchgoing men who are in secret sexual sin are going deeper and darker into sin, leading to sexual crimes, followed by shame, guilt, and a temporary return to God.

In an effort to deal with sexual offenders who have turned to God, two therapists, Greg Sporer and Steve Vann, quit their jobs to develop "Keeping Kids Safe Ministries."

"Neither of us could sit idle with the knowledge that sexual offenders may be attending church for the wrong reasons," Sporer said. Sporer worked in prison sexual offender treatment programs and Vann was employed as a treatment provider for adolescent offenders. Both men are concerned about children's safety.

They now use their 40,000 hours of combined experience working with sexual offenders to keep kids safe at churches. They have biblical solutions to deal with offenders who attend church for the right or wrong reasons.

According to Vann, God offers forgiveness for all sinners including offenders. He explains that it is good news that offenders are turning to God; however, the bad news is that most church leaders are not prepared for the increase in offenders who worship at church or the church members who are there to offend children.

Sporer, who has specialised in church sexual offenders since 1989, believes that churchgoers continue to be naive about their own church members - most church sexual abuse cases involve members of their church.

Some churchgoers will witness suspicious behaviors, but not report it because the behaviors do not match up with their perceptions of a sexual offender. Church offenders display Christian character, and are often married, and use their spotless criminal record to gain positions working with kids. So, are churches defenseless with hidden sexual offenders in their congregation? "Absolutely not," Vann said. "Church sexual abuse is preventable. All church offenders have two weaknesses that are on display prior to any offense: boundary violations with a teen or child; and suspicious behaviors."

Vann continues that it is too risky for a hidden church offender to stay in a church that is skilled in dealing with boundary violations and suspicious behaviors. "Keeping Kids Safe Ministries" invests in church leaders and church youth workers to create an environment where an offender's behavior is questioned and dealt with appropriately.

The ministry has a team of experts who help churches better discern which offenders are praying to God or preying on kids. They assign a professional with years of experience working with sexual offenders to churches to enable them to better deal with problem situations before children are harmed.

Both Sporer and Vann are passionate about serving church leaders so all kids can be safe at church. For more information about this important ministry visit:

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