Sunday, March 25, 2007

New website launched to help parents in custody fights with Jehovah's Witnesses

A website has been launched to Assist in Child Custody Disputes

It is cliamed that within Jehovah’s Witnesses 90% of 1,000 Custody Cases fought Each Year are Lost Due to Manipulation of the Legal System .

A new organization has been launched to assist parents in custody disputes with Jehovah’s Witnesses. William H. Bowen founder of silentlambs, inc. is working with key experts to provide legal strategies to assist law firms in winning child custody disputes with Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Associates with JW child custody have over 86 years experience as active Jehovah’s Witnesses and have served in key positions throughout the organization. Their experience will be used to assist caring parents to protect their children from cult mind control.

It is estimated that over 130 Jehovah’s Witness children die each year due to the religion’s application of religious doctrine to health care. Children are alienated from their non-JW parents and family as well as isolated from society due to mind control use of church doctrine.

“We feel this is a long overdue service for parents that wish to give their children a normal life,” states William H. Bowen. “At silentlambs we protected children from sexual abuse, now we can expand that work to help kids have a happier future.”

JW Child Custody will offer expanded services to assist attorneys with legal consulting for a variety of issues surrounding Jehovah’s Witness legal entity “Watchtower.” They will also have a “Child Custody Packet” to educate parents and attorneys in preparing for custody cases. Recent cases involve such issues as wrongful death and tax evasion.

Bowen states, “Due our detailed knowledge of the inner workings of Watchtower we can enable litigants to overcome the practice of ‘Theocratic Warfare,’ which is perjury approved by God according to Jehovah’s Witness doctrine.” (see JW Child Custody Booklet) The website offers a toll free number to set up a free consultation as well as email correspondence for specific legal issues.

(NOTE: I wonder if it would be useful for ex-Mormon lawyers to create a similar service for ex-Mormon and never-Mormon parents and family members?)


The Real News said...

New website launched to help kids, or lawyers? See - which explains the workings of the perjury palce otherwise known as family court.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have made an audio recording for the so-called brainwashed children of Mormianity. Link to the Deprogramming Audio Tablets.