Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Bag Tea, Facts and Fiction, conversation with Master Wu.

Are teas bags the same as loose teas?

Why not?
Teas are a generic name that is given to any form of herbs, or leaves in multiple forms, and processing conditions. The key element is which are the, really good leaves? Which ones can deliver the especial flavour, aroma? Which one can provide the nutrients and natural elements that will benefit the health and well-being?

So how can one go about and choose the best tea?
Easy, follow the three steps;
1. Buy Teas that are closer to its natural form as possible
2. Buy Teas which have no manufactured or industrial process involved.
3. Buy teas, which are pure, with no added flavours or gimmicks to look or taste different from its original form.

Its like eating an apple from the tree ; the purest, the fresher and without any additives , it’s the best one as far as taste and nutrition. Teas are no different.

So how Tea bags and Loose Teas compare to the three steps to a good cup?
Bag teas, are cooked, crushed, and mixed with all sorts of additives and most of the time through an industrial process, which really means that this drink is really far from what I would consider, real Tea. If one just give it a try, anyone will notice that one is aromatised processed herbs, while loose teas, you can see, smell and taste what you are drinking; Not to mention the wealth of great nutritional health benefits that only Tea, in its pure form can provide.

When we go to the shop, how can we find the good organic pure Tea?
The word organic is rather confusing since the definition has now been so much altered that leaves the consumer at loss as far as the quality of the Tea is concern. The best way is to try to find the simpler and the most natural leaves that one can find. Labels can be highly deceiving so one must look to what it is inside the box not in what it’s written outside. Let the Tea speak to your mind and body, and then you will know.

Master Wu

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Diane said...

It's so hard to find good tea these days. Or even loose tea! (Unless you go to a Chinese supermarket that sells it)

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf have some delicious whole leaf tea bags. Most of them are flavored though. :(