Sunday, June 24, 2007

£1Million bet on proving the afterlife

A self-syled paranormal investigator is hoping to collect ONE MILLION POUNDS from bookmakers William Hill in the UK, after placing a bet that conclusive proof of an after-life will be forthcoming.

Ross Hemsworth, of Glastonbury,England, has bet £100 at odds of 10,000/1 with William Hill as a means of supporting his own belief that the afterlife is close to being proved to exist, and coinciding with the imminent publication of his new book,

The Dead ARE Talking. "We are used to taking bets on matters as bizarre as the existence of the Loch Ness Monster; whether Elvis Presley is still alive and when UFOs may land, even on whether ghosts exist, but this is the first time we have ever taken a bet that conclusive proof of the existence of the after-life will be forthcoming." I've no idea what that evidence may be, but if Ross produces it before the end of the year, we will be paying him £1million said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

Ross Hemsworth is a business entrepreneur and owner of Glastonbury Radio (, and is also a well known paranormal radio and TV presenter, scientific investigator of anomalous phenomena and an intriguing and entertaining speaker at events worldwide.

He has been hailed as a 'forward thinking visionary' and 'prolific investigator' and also promotes positive thinking and 'cosmic ordering' and making things happen rather than waiting for six numbers to make you rich in the lottery stakes!

He is also co-founder of The Phantom or Fraud Project. (Visit As a successful speaker, and now author with his first book (The Dead ARE Talking) Ross tours the world promoting the growth of spirituality, and science's more open-minded approach to the paranormal.

He also has some intriguing views on inter-dimensional entities, what some people call aliens He will be compere and lead speaker at The Forbidden Knowledge Conference in Glastonbury on Saturday July 14th where he will also be signing copies of the limited first edition of his new book.

Ross announced today that he will be bringing together a number of the world's leading scientific investigators of the paranormal to form a team to work on this project, and will be splitting any winnings from the bet with them to help fund further research! Ross Hemsworth can be contacted at

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